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Katie🖤  Alessia and Kevin fan💙🖤🖤Proud Alessian😫😍yes, Alessia is my mom. VOTE ALESSIA FOR JUNO AWARDS⬇️make sure u refresh the page!

ignore the sc caption thing but i am low key obsessed with kevin (I STILL AM OBSESSED WITH ALESSIA CHILL) now like he's the king and alessias queen ALSO I AM CREATING A NEW GROUP CHAT FOR ALESSIA COMMENT IF U WANT TO JOIN


i've been watching her vlogs all day🖤🖤

she's the most amazing thing in the world🖤



cant freaking WAIT FOR THIS MUSIC VIDEO!!!!!🖤😩💙

i'm leaving the blue theme it's annoying but YASSSSS MITCH AND ALESSIA🖤🖤🖤🖤also i think there's going to be a stay video bc of ale's last post

i have no idea what this photo was but happy birthday Vince🎉🎁🖤🖤

Pls tell me why kevin and alessia don't have a collab. LIKE STOP LOW KEY FLIRTING AND TWEETING HEARTS TO EACHOTHER AND NOT SAYING UR DATING AND MAKE A COLLAB. (i'm saying this bc river of tears and never knock are both stuck in my head)

guitar goals🖤

got this from @alaliessia but i wish there were more seats😂

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