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Aldy Inzaghi | #HAIRinJKT  🎩 Mr. Congeniality - Mr & Ms LSPR 2017 πŸ“– Minister of Performing Arts Communications LSPR Jakarta 2017-2018 Live not to please, but to inspire.

Thank you George Berger. It has been fun. πŸ’‡πŸŒ»

These two people.
The ones that keeps me going through the whole production. Without their determination, their will, their vision, their guts; On and off stage, we won't make it here.
I love you my Claude and Sheila, and hope that we'll see each other in a toga next year, together. ❀️

Hair - The Musical.
Probably one of the most controversial Broadway Musical ever. Brought to life for the first time into Indonesia by us; some performing arts students,an incredible lecturer and his amazing assistant, an unexpectedly supportive and loving dean , performing arts enthusiasts from another majors, and senior students whose eager to perform probably for their last time.
And then again it proves that anything that was made with love and passion will come out fruitful.
I am proud to each and every one of the member of this production not only because they have done their best, but because they are brave enough stand up for what is right through art.
A LOT of people are against the idea of bringing this controversial play. They think that the culture and the issues are not in line with our Indonesian culture.
But our eyes should be wide open, there are too much violence, too much discrimination, too much inequality in this country that got us fed up and yet we all decide to accept it because we were thinking that it is "Indonesian" culture.
So if you are asking us, why do we dare to do this title. It's because we dare to stand up for what is right, stand up for a better environment, stand up for a better country, and last but not least; a better accepting community in our campus without discrimination of race,gender, sexuality,religion, BODY SHAPE, or any other physical attributes or stereotypical belief.

Late appreciation post for a family, for the love that I have never expected to happen.

Setahun ini begitu berharga.
Sash ini mungkin merupakan pembuktian diri bahwa saya sudah bisa lebih baik dari sebelumnya, mengalahkan ego saya sendiri untuk bisa lebih rendah hati dan bisa mengasihi setulus hati.
Tetapi memang manusia tidak ada yang sempurna, masih harus banyak belajar. Masih banyak kesalahan yang dilakukan, masih banyak hati yang dilukai, masih banyak kelalaian dalam tanggung jawab sekeras apapun saya mencoba untuk tidak melakukan hal-hal tersebut.
Tapi harus tetap bersyukur, karena bersyukur merupakan bentuk perlawanan terhadap kekecewaan.
Bersyukur karena punya 19 orang lain yang memikul beban yang sama dengan saya, meskipun pada awal nya hanya beberapa yang mau bekerja keras, meskipun pada awalnya sulit untuk menyatukan. Tapi akhirnya berhasil bekerja bersama tanpa kekurangan seorang pun.
Ternyata ketika saya sudah merasa cukup rendah hati, masih ada secerca kesombongan di dalam hati saya yang merasa bahwa saya sudah melakukan lebih baik dari yang lain. Tapi mereka membuktikan saya salah, karena tanpa mereka saya bukan siapa siapa, saya tidak bisa apa-apa. Terima kasih atas pelajaran yang tidak pernah berhenti saya terima, tidak pernah sedetik pun saya menyesal untuk mengorbankan apapun untuk keluarga ini.

Around this time, last year. I got a chance to showcase my talent in the Pre-Pageant stage.

The most important thing for me, is not to show off what I can do. But to deliver the message to the audience, and give out my best especially to make my parents proud.
Tomorrow, is their chance to do it.

To 2018,

Take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and make sure you are giving your best. Little by little, you did succeed to overcome the obstacles. I do believe that there is no shortcut to a place worth going.
Make sure you leave the stage with no regret.

Goodluck 2018!


Lookin' for that Chinese Barbeque


Happy kid in a happy place.

Being thankful is always enough. You should know you can't win every battle, just take what you can learn and move on, because something great is coming.

Take this sinking boat and point it home.

The Road just gets a little less darker, and the night just feels a little bit warmer.

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