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  The art and science of industrial paint


#chameleon ♨️for @tau_au

We recently redesigned the website with @eashleyfox Photo @davidbrandongeeting @nathanielmatthews1 is measuring out waterborne automotive paint ingredients from scratch in the mixing room. @basfrefinish products. #paintatomization #fineartfinishing #makingpaint

In pursuit of that super clean paintwork process.

Number one favorite 🥇BASF Anti-Static Tack Cloth B120 is
specific to the Automotive Finish but could be used with acrylic paints -leaves zero residue and is very effective, especially on staticky plastic...for final wipe #tackcloth #tackrag 👨🏽‍🎨

Surgical Blue™ second favorite tack cloth in the shop for removing surface contaminants which become paint defects. #tackrag #tackcloth #surgicalblue #paintprep

Second coat of black gesso on canvas. With SATA 1000B RP 2.5 the primer jumps out of the spraygun. #goldenpaints

Working with some traditional materials today. Sanding acrylic gesso on canvas was no fun until #festool #drysanding 180 grit #paintprocess #blackandwhite #gesso #goldenpaints

Dust is unavoidable. Keeping the paint contaminants to a minimum requires constant work and specialized materials that are designed to hold the overspray created by spraying paint and dust brought in from clothing and the surrounding area. Photo by @c_whittier #spraybooth #sprayfinishing #shoplife

@frankbenson.info Juliana Detail 2015 - 2016 Bronze, Polyurethane Acrylic Paint, Corian -photo @c_whittier #contemporarysculpture #fineartfinishing

Recent project with @helloacrush and © Urs Fischer. Courtesy of the artist; Sadie Coles HQ, London; and Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. Photo: Stefan Altenburger.
TBD, 2016
Carbon fibers, epoxy foam, steel, epoxy primer, polyester filler, one-component acrylic putty, urethane primer, polyester paint, acrylic polyurethane matte clearcoat
128 7/8 x 373 7/8 x 7/8 in.
327.2 x 949.7 x 2.261 cm
Edition of 2 & 1 AP
#alchemypaintworks #ursfischer #acrush #fineartfinishing

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