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whit  no birth, no death, only change ⚡️💀 denver, co then. los angeles, ca now

Throw back to when i went hiking in the Angeles National Park last summer and had a full-blown panic attack so I sprinted out of the woods, and drove to this creepy, closed camp ground to try to meditate, but i saw fresh bear tracks and the vibe was weird. So after about 40 minutes, I got in my car and took a selfie. While i was in mid-selfie action, a Park Ranger knocked on my door & scared the shit outta me. He told me never to return because theres a “lot of bad guys that come here to do bad stuff”. I asked what kind of bad stuff and he responded with “weve found a few bodies here” 😧😵 So when youre outside this summer, trust your instinct because its usually spot on.
Throwback to looking & feeling cute

It's got no signs or dividing lines
And very few rules to guide.
I spent a little time on the mountain,
I spent a little time on the hill,
I heard some say "Better run away",
Others say "Better stand still" ⚡️

Colorado was a blast! My soul needed the type of therapy that only good friends, mini donkeys, rivers, mountains, vapor caves & a full moon can provide. Thankful for all my friends who made it out to give me some much needed TLC. Y’all are the best!! Now, let me flood your page with full moon/donkey photos 🖤🖤🖤 NFA #homesweethome #sanjuanmountains #arkansasriver #ridgeway #salida #denver #nfa #minidonkeys #chapita #paco #spentalittletimeonthemountain #spentalittletimeonthehill

In observance of Earth Day - “There are more than a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground” - Rumi. Just getting outside is one of them. I always say thank you every time i leave the woods, always in awe for the healing it provides my soul and mind 🕸🕷🖤

youve been cooling
and baby i’ve been drooling

Aries season is upon us 🕸🕷🗡🖤 📷 by @rebeccaslaughter

Crawlin’ Queen Snake 🐍

A sign that you’re finally fucking with the right screen printing servicers ⛓🗝


Me & my spirit animal 🖤🐯

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