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A M A N D A C R U S E  Hot mess, still blessed. Just a MAMA after a life full of undisputed grace w Jesus in our hearts + oils on our feet— @gritsgraceco


I’ve come to learn over the years, there are days that call for eating dessert first, go ahead, eat the cake. Happy #dirty30 to me! 🍷

The cutest little Auburn fans, if even I'm being a tad biased 🏈

Currently overpacking all the pretty things because Seth and I are headed to New Orleans Thursday to celebrate my 30th birthday. 💃🏼 I'm so excited to eat + drink our way through the city streets of NOLA for a few days. We have the cutest little balcony suite awaiting us at the @chateaulemoyne. What are your favorite spots?! #dirty30
Ps. How beautiful are these New Orleans travel guides I created using @vistaprint?

There is no doubt that this child dances to the beat of her own drum. While, most of the time it tests everything I am as a mother, it's also one of the very things I adore (& envy) most about her. #staywild

Happy Birthday, to the woman who raised the man of my dreams, my one-day future mother-in-law! You're the best & we love you! 🍰

Chris Stapleton | 09.16.17
@chrisstapleton @morganwithane
To view entire video, visit my YouTube channel!

Chris Stapleton | 09.16.17
@chrisstapleton @morganwithane
To view entire video, visit my YouTube channel!

My daughter’s body will be made of flower and fight. I will teach her to cherish and nurture herself like a tender flower, whilst showing her how to use her arms and legs as weapons against anyone who tries to take from her what she isn’t ready to give. She will not wilt into apologising her existence away. She will not value her looks more than her stories. She will inherit fire as her mother tongue and water as her native land. She will have every quality I wished for and every quality I never had.

Happy with our new gallery wall in our living space, but I'm testing my OCD as to how long I'll be able to actually stand it not being "even" before I break down & head back to Hobby Lobby for another galvanized envelope & frame. Any guesses?

This guy had his first soccer game of the season, and despite the fact only a portion of his team showed up, and we lost (but who really keeps score?); he scored his first goal of the season & the only goal for our team. The huge smile on his face was priceless, as he threw his hands up in the air & yelled "GOAL!" I couldn't help but I magine if in that moment it were a movie, "We are the Champions" would have been his anthem! ⚽️ After, I kept telling him how much I enjoyed watching him, how proud I was. His reply, "Thank you, mommy, I'm so proud of you, too!" Curious, I asked him why. "For always watching me all these years, mommy!" Dead. 😍

The real MVP this Fall is the MP (maple pecan) iced coffee from @dunkindonuts 🍂☕️ #MP > #PSL

Jesus in our hearts & essential oils on our feet! 🌿 We started using them five years ago for better sleep habits & to support immune systems during my first pregnancy. And now, well, obsessed is an understatement. They grow my lashes, make my house smell like Fall, keep all the preschool-germs (& tantrums) away & do about one thousand other things that I couldn't live without. I'm not kidding when I say #theresanoilforthat!
My children love them, too! Tummy ache? Rub on a little TummyGize! Have a boo-boo? Rub on a little Owie! Bad dream? Rub on a little Sleepyize!
We also love applying GeneYus every morning to the back of their necks before walking out the door to facilitate open mindedness, encourage positive thought and unlimited potentiality. Sometimes, even when children are tired their little minds race from over stimulation, GeneYus helps them to wind down and create healthy bedtime habits without so much resistance. Can I get an Amen?

If you want to learn more on the KidScent oils (formulated especially for little ones) or are just curious about oils, hop on over to our feed (@gritsgraceco) and give us a follow!

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