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al  forgiven sinner • wife to my best friend • mommy to 3 sweet boys & 1 baby girl • homemaker of a little white house in kentucky. oh what grace!

happy fifth gotcha day our dear amos benjamin! every april 21st i'm surprised at the passing of another year since you became a barker & every year i am thankful i'm your mommy. no mistake was made. no surprise to our God. you, my son, were always meant to be a barker & we are most happy about that! we love you! & PLEASE stop growing so fast! 👦🏾♥️

being mommy to 3 little boys means we're raising 3 of their daddy & their daddy sure knows how to bless their mommy. they're always asking if they can help me & bringing me flowers & i'm just so so thankful! ♥️🙈

"sent of heaven God's own Son
to purchase and redeem
and reconcile the very ones
who nailed Him to that tree

see the stone is rolled away
behold the empty tomb
hallelujah God be praised
He's risen from the grave"

sweet girl... you are a joy to your mommy! ♥️♥️♥️

my crew of little ones! i adore these 4 so so much & i'm honored to be their mommy. also, if you haven't seen the movie "LION" you really need to! be prepared to cry a lot! 😭♥️

"here we have a firm foundation;
here the refuge of the lost;
Christ's the Rock of our salvation,
His the name of which we boast.
Lamb of God, for sinners wounded,
Sacrifice to cancel guilt!
none shall ever be confounded
who on Him their hope have built." thomas kelly

happy 34th my dear michael. i love you more than i could ever say! i rejoice in God's good work in you over this last year & i know He will continue His work so faithfully. i adore you! ♥️

my sweet mom passed away 9 years ago today. that's me on the left. she was right around my age when she had me. how i would love to have a conversation with her & hear her say, "you're doing such a good job. keep being faithful. everything's going to be ok." i'm so thankful for how she always gave people hope & she always clung to the Father & put her hope in Him. she wasn't perfect. she had bad days & bad moments & probably wondered if she was a "good mommy". & now here i am 33 years later walking the same road & dealing with the same doubts & by God's grace putting my hope in Him. i choose to trust Him because there is nothing else to do. He is faithful. i will always miss her so much. i am forever thankful for her life & how the 4 little ones she raised are like her in many ways & in all those moments that she may have doubted if she was doing a good job... all 4 of us say she was the best mommy ever! ♥️

i'm so thankful i get to keep them close & have mornings like these. we're listening to "on the banks of plum creek" while we eat lunch & it's just our favorite. ♥️🙊👏🏼

i LOVE running 2 small businesses with my husband & friends (@jordanmariekavuma). & i love getting to be creative & make things pretty! what a blessing & what a joy! ✌🏼 @made.weddings @mademarket @burdees

happy sixth birthday amos benjamin! you bring so much joy to our little family! you are always so eager to help me & you LOVE taking care of your little sister. what a sweet boy you are growing into. the past 5 years that you've been a part of our family have been some of the hardest & some of the sweetest. i am forever thankful that God chose me to be your mommy because i have seen my need for my Savior more through your life, sweet boy. i pray you are convicted of your sin so soon & repent & ask God to be your God for the rest of your days. i love you sweet boy! i love you so much! ♥️

i'm so thankful for this little business of creating & making pretty things! i'm dreaming up some new things! @burdees

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