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Oriana Chacon  Join me as I journey into the depths within. Entrepreneur• Morning Yogi • Inner Engineer • Infinite Soul ♏️ 🌟🦊

How do you sit with Dissonance?
How do you face your Fear?
How do you release your Pain?
How do you heal the Hurt?
You sit there with it
And you ask the tough questions
To get to the bottom of Why
To understand your inner workings
And why they have you pinned to the ground.
You sit there with it
And you cry it out
You scream it out
You let yourself feel it
Crumble to the ground.
You sit there with it
Patiently and lovingly
No judgment
No holding on
Let it come and let it go
You sit there with it
Till it's your friend
And you've grown
Till you don't feel it anymore.
Now give yourself a hug
You've been just reborn.
No one talks about Dissonance, Pain, Fear and Hurt, people don't wanna face theirs and they don't wanna see yours. I say in these we learn, I say "you my friend are not alone", I say we hold space for each other so that the bottom of the pit doesn't feel endless. I say let's talk and let's grow.
Much love to all 💓💓💓
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I'm there for you
In darkness and in light
I'm there for you
Even when you don't want me to be
The bonds of sisterhood
Are tough and thick
Through breakups
And laughter
I'm there for you little sis.
Dedicated to all my soul sisters
Who are my rocks and guides.
I love you all!! 💓💓💓
#lifeincolor #openheart #sisterhood #scorpio

Self-Love to me is
About forgiving myself
For taking the wrong path
Doing the wrong thing
Hurting others
Being an idiot
For fucking up
Not knowing
And being a dam human.
Forgiving myself allows me to forgive others. •••
Cuz you see there's no wrong answer.
All paths lead to self betterment sooner or later.
I forgive myself and try to be a better human being again and again.
Because...Forgiveness is LOVE.
#practicewhatyoupreach #selflove #openheart #lifeincolor #yogalife

I am willing to fall because I have learned how to rise.
With skinned knees and a bruised heart,
I chose owning my story of struggle
Over hiding, hustling and pretending.
When I deny my stories they define me.
When I run from struggle I am never free.
So I turn toward truth and look it in the eye.
I won't be a character in my story
Not a villain or a victim
Not even a hero.
Im the author of my own life
I write my own daring endings
I craft love from heartbreak
Compassion from shame
Grace from dissapointment
Courage from failure
Showing up is my power
Story is my way home
Truth is my song
I'm a part of the brave and broken hearted...
And We are Rising Strong.
---adapted from the book Rising Strong by Brene Brown.
#selflove #growth #scorpio #brave #openheart #love #yogainspiration

Once you've passed through trial by fire and you're thoroughly convinced that you'll let go no matter what, then the veils of the human mind and heart will fall away, you'll stand face to face with what is beyond you, because there is no longer a need for you.
Once you're done playing with the temporal and finite, you will open to the eternal and infinite, then the word happiness will fall short of defining your state.
---from The Untethered Soul

Happy Summer Solstice my friends!

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Sometimes the greatest gifts come in dark boxes of ugly things.
How else can I face my demons and turn them into love?
How else can my Phoenix be reborn?
Today I rise strong.
Enough, redone.
Today I look you in the eyes with love, no matter the dark box you bring or not.
Today is a new beginning, my love.
Thanks @wafflecopter22 for taking this picture and teaching me how to shoot 😊

#lifeincolor #scorpio #selflove #newbeginnings #love

You can't see it
No mater how much love
You can't see it
Like a blind person in paradise
Unable to see the sights
A cause for a broken heart
Because it's worth a billion stars.
Sometimes in life you gotta keep loving the blind ones who don't understand how to love.
#love #scorpio #innerpeace #lifeincolor

Look around you, how many people do you think are settling ?
People settle for okay jobs
Ok relationships
Ok friends
And an ok life.
Because ok is comfortable, it pays the bills and gives you a warm bed at night.
And that's okay, it just won't bring magic in your life.
It's cool if you want okay...
But I say SCREW ok

The Magic of unicorns.

The Passion of a hot salsa dancing night.

The Romance that blooms organically out of two open hearts.

The Adventure that brings you face-to-face with your fears.

The Friends who tell me "give it to me" as I crumble to the ground in life's painful moments.

The Unknown that comes with not controlling everything and flowing with it.

The Thrill of discovering my inner self and loving it.

The Freedom that comes from embracing unconfortable things meant to aid my growth.

The Peace of feeling it all and going back to my center again and again.

The LOVE that's all around us, all within us, and I'm learning to feel freely.
I chose a BOLD LIFE
A life where I'm the master of myself
So I can grab my lighthouse and light the path for other lost voyagers.
Screw "Okay"
And let's fucking live like we were meant to. 🦅
Thanks @littlelisafit for inspiring my post and @daniellaveras for everything.
#selflove #yogajourney #scorpio #bold #lifeincolor

How much harder does a woman have to try, to be loved?
How much more does a woman have to do?
I've boxed myself for others.
I've changed myself to "compromise".
I've been "patient” to things I shouldn’t have been.
I've psychoanalyzed myself because they said I'm the problem.
I’ve compromised WHO I AM, in the name of “love”.
And I've seen my dear girlfriends do this over and over again PAINFULLY.
The TRUTH is that it’s never been about the men.
This is about YOU.
This is about SELF LOVE.
Let me clarify, self love doesn’t mean selfishness.
In this case it means NEVER COMPROMISING who you are in the name of “love”.
You don't need to bend
Or please
Or try hard
Or change
Or box yourself
In the name of "loving" another.
If you're gonna do anything, do it for YOU.
Change, for you
Grow, for you
Bend, for you
Be patient, for you
Psychoanalyze yourself, for you
And love, for you.
It's not about them, it's about you. •••••••••••••••••••••• This post goes out to all the women out there who beg for love, who compromise their divine essence for love.
You don’t need to. ••
So reclaim your dam power and become the woman you always wanted to be. ••
#divinefeminine #growth #scorpio #yogajourney #selflove

We chose fear because we don't know how to love.
How to love the darkest parts of ourselves.
Plunge there, and you might just find a dark night with a gorgeous moon.
View from my current apartment on June 12, 2017.
#fullmoon #scorpio #divinefeminine #love #yogajourney #beachlife

This is my manifesto.
I love you in your sunny days and in your rainy days.
I love you in the silence of slow Sunday afternoons.
I love you from the moment I laid eyes on you.
I love you despite all the 3D things that may happen. ••
I love you in all your perfectly imperfect glory.
I love your shadow self and the darkest corners of your being.
I love you and the lessons you teach me regardless of their taste.
I love you and there ain't nothing gonna change that.
This kind of love is self sustaining, it's a blanket I can pull around me, it seeps out of my heart and into the world lighting the way. ••
This kind of love is unconditional.
This is the love I give myself, and the one that pours out to you.
#love #innerpeace #scorpio

You're my mirror, I can see the best parts of me in you and I can see the worst parts too.
I truly believe that every interaction I have is with a part of me, personified in a single human. ••
So pay attention. If you're brave enough to look in the mirrors that walk into your life you'll be able to see all of you and know what the heck you need to work on.
There is no separation, or so I'm learning ;)

#nofilter #weareone #love #wordsofwisdom

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