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Oriana Chacon  Join me as I journey into the depths within. Entrepreneur• Morning Yogi • Inner Engineer • Infinite Soul ♏️💓🔮📿✨

I'm part of a collective
An expression of the universe
Expressing herself
Just to feel herself
Just to experience herself.

There's no separation
No boundary to call
Unfiltered life
Only joy
Only JOY.
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Update on the journey:
Started doing root chakra healing, and uprooted things I didn't know had a hold on me. As a result of that and ego silencing (allowing) practice I been feeling pure joy for life lately. Yah, that don't mean problems have been absent, I just face them with joy because I found that I love them as equally as the good times.
✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Root chakra: Associated with survival, our right to BE here and to HAVE. It's our base and what keeps us rooted to be able to build and to grow. ✨
More to come on this...
Happy day guys!
#love #spiritualgrowth #selflove #consciousness #power

The path I walked has led me here, at the start of a journey.

The journey through the rainbow!

The journey through my 7 chakras and towards unity.

The next few posts I’ll be bringing you along as I heal each energy center.
What I’m learning, how I’m doing it and how hard it can be at times.

We start with the red Root Chakra! Stay tuned my dear friends 😃

#spiritualawakening #chakras #yoga #love

Self-Love means allowing yourself to feel.

Lately, I’ve been judging myself for feeling negative feelings.
Ya'know cuz we have to keep that "high vibration” up.
Fuck It.
We're human, here to experience the whole range of emotion freely.

Yaaas the anger, the fear, the grief, the pain, the melancholy, the sadness, the longing, the lust, the jealously, the disgust, the surprise, the bliss, the happiness, the joy, the contempt, the love.

How else can we know ourselves?

Fuck it.
I’m embracing this thing called “Humaning” and not judging when I feel those things.
Let them pass through.
Sit there and just feel.
Breath and despite the current emotion… act from my magical place of zen.

This is the first step in learning how to flow with the universe.
#emotion #openheart #selflove

!!No More Using External Things To Fall Back Asleep!!

For the longest time I cherished boyfriends. Top priority on Ori’s agenda...
From one boyfriend to the next I went. Took me 8 years and several heartbreaks to realize, the only reason I’d been busy with them...
Was to avoid myself.

Now, alone at last
I can smell the scent of my own shit
And focus on cleaning it.
#Evolution #SpiritualGrowth

Thanks for the lessons Bobby,
But this girl's gonna walk alone for a while.
Till the inner shit is clean-er 😃 ✨
#allyouneedis #selflove #scorpio #spiritualawakening

Self-love means having patience with myself even when it takes me awhile to get it.

A patience so patient, there's no judgment. No "you'll never get it" or "don't even try"....there's only kindness for my inner student of life.

And in this space I'm capable of having patience with the world 🙃.
#patienceisavirtue #spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #love

The first time I began to wake up to spiritual life was due to stressed induced heart problems. It was either take care of myself or face an illness. Since then I've learned the meaning of self-love, how to dig deep to face my demons and how to love them and use them towards positive things. I've come across magical people who've guided me to see where the light switch was, on the various rooms of my inner maze. And I've loved others more fiercely than before.

Today I continue to do inner work every day and I can already see positive changes not just in me but also in those around me.

I say this because I'd like to share with you THIS:
"When you start healing yourself in mind, body and spirit, you heal all those around you too"

So do the work and your world will start changing in wonderful ways.
#spiritualawakening #love #innerwork #awakensoul #loveyourself

I’ve been watching the news lately
They're filled with stories of hatred
Of battles between people.

I’ve watched people reacting
to hatred, with hatred.
To bring more of the same...

The battles raging out there
Mimic the battles raging inside us
Where we reject our darkness
and refuse to bring it into the light.
Where we refuse to Love.

Like a parent who sets boundaries on a kid
We must deny hatred and set a boundary of love
“Thou shall not pass” as Gandalf said
And keep guarding this
And keep love in our hearts
No matter the hits we get.

This isn’t about “high vibes only”
This is about meeting hatred
Again and again
With a boundary of love
So we can bring it, into the light.

Unconditional Love doesn’t mean weakness,
It means a strength so HUGE that it conquers all.

I say we start now,
With ourselves first
and then guarding this boundary.

I stand in heart with the protesters
defending unity and love.

And to the hatred that wants to pass through, I say: YOU SHALL NOT PASS. ✨
#love #allyouneedislove #noracism #alllivesmatter #weareallone

I surrender to the universe.
To the ebb and flow
To the unforeseen plans
To the unimaginable lessons
To the kindness of strangers
To the conflict of life
To the changes of the seasons
And of our hearts.

I surrender to the universe
May it teach me what I must learn
and guide my every step.
#spiritualawakening #spiritualgrowth #spirituallife

I’ve spent so many years lost
Under mankind’s sweet slumber.

Praying to Separation and Lack,
gods that only exist in the minds
of sleeping humans.

Little by little, I wake
Everyday a bit more.

Like the gym
I don’t skip a day
Less I regress to a sleeping world.

As my true eyes open
I see Melody and Rebecca bickering...
parts of my ego,
Left unchecked, unloved.

This path is part self-acceptance
part surrender, part love.
An integration of the shit you hate,
and the shit you love,
till it all don’t matter,
cuz all you do is love.

I’m ready to let go,
to accept and to become.
DNA activation and lion’s gate here I come. ✨✨✨✨✨✨ My spiritual running buddies tell me ’tis the season to shed things that no longer serve you. To wake up and activate the parts of you that have been dormant. To ascend. With all the eclipses happening in August, this is going to last a while, and even longer for complete integration to happen. So I like to remind myself how far we’ve come along, and how far we can go with each new day. Patience and breathing can go a long way.
Where I get my "weather reports" 😁: @daniellaveras @liminal_astrology @aquariusnation @oracleofyoursoul
Alba •••••••
#astrology #spiritualgrowth #selflove #openheart #eclipse #yogalife #love

Sometimes I just bleed love
Sometimes I weave fairytales
That end in illusion.
Sometimes my mind goes in circles
Sometimes it doesn’t let me be in the moment.
Sometimes there’s hurt from memories.
Things that imprinted in my heart
Things that I desperately need to let go.
These things rob my strength
But also give it to me.
I sit there every morning
Opening the box
To look at these things
To befriend them
To accept them
To retell them anew
and to make peace with them.
So that one morning
The box is empty
And all I find there,
Is unconditional love.
This is the never ending exercise of living with an open heart.
#spiritualgrowth #yogajourney #love #openheart #selflove

How do you sit with Dissonance?
How do you face your Fear?
How do you release your Pain?
How do you heal the Hurt?
You sit there with it
And you ask the tough questions
To get to the bottom of Why
To understand your inner workings
And why they have you pinned to the ground.
You sit there with it
And you cry it out
You scream it out
You let yourself feel it
Crumble to the ground.
You sit there with it
Patiently and lovingly
No judgment
No holding on
Let it come and let it go
You sit there with it
Till it's your friend
And you've grown
Till you don't feel it anymore.
Now give yourself a hug
You've been just reborn.
No one talks about Dissonance, Pain, Fear and Hurt, people don't wanna face theirs and they don't wanna see yours. I say in these we learn, I say "you my friend are not alone", I say we hold space for each other so that the bottom of the pit doesn't feel endless. I say let's talk and let's grow.
Much love to all 💓💓💓
#love #selflove #openheart #lifeincolor #word #spiritualgrowth

I'm there for you
In darkness and in light
I'm there for you
Even when you don't want me to be
The bonds of sisterhood
Are tough and thick
Through breakups
And laughter
I'm there for you little sis.
Dedicated to all my soul sisters
Who are my rocks and guides.
I love you all!! 💓💓💓
#lifeincolor #openheart #sisterhood #scorpio

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