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Oriana Chacon  Everything human kind has invented throughout history started out with a Thought! Online Marketer • Morning Yogi • Inner Engineer ♏️ 🌟🦊

Happy New Years my people!!!!! May it be filled with blessings, love, mindfulness and abundance!!!!!! #newyears

Europe Trip- Lesson Number Deux: F is for Fear, Today You Will Let Go Of All Fear.

Picture you own a yellow big bus, you’re driving when all of a sudden Mr Fear Of Success SCREAMS at you “Don’t you dare drive up that mountain!!!”. You avoid the mountain. •
Then Mr Fear Of Failure screams at you “Don’t you dare become an entrepreneur!!!”. You avoid that road too.

Then Mr Fear Of Loneliness, Intimacy, Death, Living (Insert your fear here) all SCREAM at you “Don’t you dare be vulnerable, or stay alone, or think of death or start living how you want”. You avoid all those roads too.

At some point, you no longer drive your bus.
At some point your yellow big bus becomes driven by Mr Fear.
At some point you stop living for you.

On January 21 at 3:39PM I sat at there at the edge of a ravine and had "The Talk" with Mr Fear. •
I pulled him out of my bus, faced him straight and interrogated him “Why do you fear all those things?!” “Why are you hell bent on driving my bus?”

Amongst the slew of crappy answers I got, the core truth was self-preservation. Because Mr Fear used to protect us from saver tooth tigers eons ago. That’s it. Simple as that.

My conclusion is that although you never fully get rid of him, you need to face him from time to time and tell him to stop, assure him that you got this and he’ll sit like a nice guy in the back of the bus freeing you to drive to infinity and beyond!

So, witness your fear and transform it into love. Find your ravine and do it!
It’s only, ha! going to free you. 😀

Europe Trip Lesson Numero 1: A is for Acceptance, Today You Will Accept Yourself Just As You Are.

On the first day of kindergarten, a freaked-out-5-year-old-Ori threw a temper tantrum because she didn’t want to stay in that foreign classroom with those evil classmates who were giving her the worst stares.

From that time onwards, my subconscious tagged me as “weird” and “abnormal”.

Fast forward 21 years and I’m doing a weekend trip to Tenerife to start with A- Acceptance.

With only 3 shirts, 2 jeans, and one pair of shoes as my carry on, I was to do one thing: Show Myself As Is.

That’s right! No doing my hair, no doing my makeup… zero fancy embellishments.

After 2 days without the mask, I realized my lack of self-acceptance and hiding had been irrational the entire time. I COULD let Ori shine through and people would accept me for me.

It was then that I understood something psychologists deal with everyday: we hold on to beliefs from early experiences and build our entire adult lives over those IRRATIONAL beliefs. (Believe me, they are IRRATIONAL! lol)

The lesson here is simple: Show Yourself as You Are! People will either love you or hate you and that’s FINE! You’ll simply filter the ones who don’t want anything to do with you 😃.

There’s a second lesson here too: go back, check your subconscious for irrational beliefs that are driving your life and uproot them the best way there is by facing them.

I'd love to say that I conquered self-acceptance 100%, but Life is like Skyrim... there are soooooo many levels to go before you hit “Legendary” status. (I hope you caught that one 😃 )

And it’s the daily work you continue to put in that keeps you going forward!

So there you have it! And a dorky picture to go with it 😃

Many say that this year was a shit year, it may have been, but it takes these shit years to get to the great ones.

Before 2016 is over there’s one last adventure I wanted to share with you.

In January 2016 I was suffering from stressed induced arrhythmia, I was burned out and done for....I sat on my couch 8 days into the year without a clue on what came next and bought a ticket to Spain for a long sabbatical...on a whim.

It forever changed my life.
And healed my heart.

Till this day, I haven’t published any pictures, because I went off the radar, no social media, no makeup, no pretenses, no masks, it was all for me to savor untouched.

It was a trip to my core while getting lost in the beauty of the world.

It’s almost 2017 and it’s time to talk, to share what I learned, to release and let those lessons serve you how they may.

For the next few days, I’ll be opening that treasure box of memories for you to see here online... in this little bubble we call social media.

Cheers my friends!

Some days I'm a director-producer-camerawoman-editor kind of gal. 💂‍♀️👲🏻👷🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️ #funtimes

Ugly sweater party ready! 🤗😎🤓

I'm a gypsy
Are you coming with me?
I might steal your clothes and wear them if they fit me.

Not everything that shines is gold. And when it's not, look up, there's a hot burning star wanting you to go on your way.

Going to see @monsieurperine last night was magical! And birthday girl Nikki had a blast :) Thanks for bringing our community together with amazing events :)

The only way to master something is to practice it everyday, learn to laugh at the falls and get back up each and every time. 😄☀️️
As my old band teacher used to say "practice makes perfect".
Here I am falling mostly, but I'll get a perfect handstand before I know it. 😊

Feeding that Creativity at #ArtBasel #Miami #art #fun

It's wonderful what happens when you fill a table with like minded, growth driven, energetic humans...sparks!

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