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  ™Gang Ain't worried bout nun…

I'm gonna spam y'all with Princeton pictures if I want.

Guess what I'm watching....on the computer!!

Princeton 2wice....

I may not be pretty. But at least I ain't no catfish.

How are we the worst fanbase ever? Of course, SOME TM are quick to assume things. SOME TM say things that should be left unsaid. But, no bitches wanna blame the whole fucking fanbase. TM are a ride or die fanbase. There is no fanbase better. We support and love at the end of the day. You wouldn't understand, bitch. So unfollow, come at me. I don't care. You ain't gone do shit! TM ALL MOTHERFUCKING DAY, BITCH!!!

She my wife. No one can take her from me. Got it? @my_dollhouse

Bootyful, right? @princemisfit

It's this nigga's birthday, tomorrow.!!!! I'm so ready! It's gonna be turnt up and crazy.!!! #SpiffyDay

Who up?

One of my favorite pics of Star

Thank You, for teaching me to believe in myself. Also, MANY other girls and boys. You have inspired me and I wanna thank you for everything!! You may not see or care about this. But that's all I wanted to say. @dope_star_1_ @princemisfit @spiffy_tho @raytrendyme @mindlessbhavior

*cto* @starquality

A lil' throwback.


Taking a picture of the bae's!

Imagine Princeton's hair straight. @princemisfit

Got it!!!!

This is for the TM that plans to fight Desiree: Why??? I mean I don't like her, but if you plan to fight her when she was irrelevant, that makes it worse. Also, you look stupid. Unfollow me if you want to, IDGAF. That's my personal opinion.

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