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Andria Lavine  ✨JOY |ALLOW | DECIDE✨ professional photographer | published author INSPIRE Yoga Journal now available for Amazon Kindle & link below 🎉👇🏾🧘🏽‍♀️🤗

I seem to have taken back-scratches for granted until I did it to someone who’d not had one!

Seriously... Go scratch someone’s back (May want it to be someone you know 😅)... and then have them return the favor! It’s such a neglected body part since it’s so hard to reach on our own.

Happy Friday!

@victoria_gymnast_yogini in activewear by @danznmotionus

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours...

Ever notice when behaviors and situations make you want to shake your head a little more than normal? It’s gotta be the #FullMoon 🌕 which has been building beautifully in the day-lit sky all week! Did that clear up some thing for you? Give you a little “Ahhhhh-haaaaa” moment about what this week has been?!? Good! 👌🏾 Glad I could help!

The Full Moon is actually a good time to review what you’ve been up to. Get quiet and check in with yourself. Are there things you can wrap up and bring to a close? Are there things that you’re holding onto that you should release? Working on goal-setting/intentions setting/vision-boarding? Are you stinking to your plans? What’s working and what’s not? This is a great time to revisit and revise!

Flashback Friday to a couple weeks ago in the North Georgia Mountains.... where you could play around in the middle of the street doing cartwheels and Yoga poses without fear of getting hit by a speeding Atlanta motorist. 🤔😅Have an amazing weekend! Happy Easter!

Leggings by @AlanaAthletica - A company with a pretty cool mission.

One of my intentions for 2019 was “Peace”. We run so much. We do so much (“...all the things”). We are constantly striving and never arriving.

When is the last time you S T O P P E D? The last time you just looked up at the sky and watched the clouds ⛅️ roll by, looking for shapes? Or the last time you wiggled your toes in the grass? How about the last time you watched nature... a bird, a big, or rain dancing on the tree leaves? •
Just sayin’... you owe it to yourself to take a pause to recharge. Believe it or not, stillness is where creativity and inspiration happen!

#FBF to sitting on the porch of our AirBNB in Hiawassee! Have a great weekend! Take a moment to be still. (...even if the little is about to creep up into your pic and photobomb you! Swipe..😁✌🏾🐰)

Yoga has been quite an amazing journey for me, I say this a lot! Not knowing much about it when I first started, I was simply looking for a way to alleviate nagging aches and pains. What I found was so much more... an amazing community of people who encouraged and uplifted each other; tons of amazing stories, struggles, and victories shared; friendships to go beyond anything I could have ever imagined or expected from these little squares.

And here the journey continues to humble me. I was invited to be featured for #ThisCurviYogiThursdays - a space created to showcase the diversity within the Yoga Community. I am honored! I hope that my story encourages and inspires others the way that I have been by all of you! Namaste friends!✨🙏🏾🧘🏽‍♀️💕 And Thank You @thiscurviyogi 🙌🏾💕

If you’ve been following my IG Stories, you saw that I spent it with my fam up in the North Georgia Mountains. It was a much needed departure from the hustle and bustle of the alarm clocks or schedules, no work or carpools. It was perfection; taking time to relax and restore. The winding roads and beautiful rolling landscapes, the fresh air and amazing river in the back yard - so grateful for ALL of it.

Sitting down on Friday night, I took time to go within. Take note of the things that have been completed and envision all that is to come. I closed with setting my New Moon 🌚 Intentions, then headed outside to star gaze with my peeps. This photo is soft in focus and doesn’t do the glittery dusting of stars in the sky; we obviously don’t get to see anything like this with all the city lights and constant smog! I even caught a glimpse of a shooting star! 💫Truly magical! Recharged and ready to continue manifesting lots of amazing things in 2019!

And how are you? How was your weekend?

☀️💐☀️Happy First Day of Spring!

Sorry I have been so MIA here on the squares, but I - seemingly like many others - have been taking a bit of a break from social. I have been practicing being very intentional with my time and how I spend it, especially having an impressionable youngster around. I don't want her to see me constantly with my nose in my devices and think it's OK for her to do the same. I am more present (one of my intentions for 2019) since my attention is not as divided... or at least thing vying for my attention. I would literally be on my way to do something and halfway there, stop dead in my tracks because I couldn't remember what I was about to do. Or the "give me one sec so I can finish this reply..." Can you relate?

In my [virtual] absence though, a lot has been going on! Lots of manifesting and exciting new opportunities! The latest? Check out 💥 💥 for a contributing post sharing my recent #MysticMoonTribe Yoga Retreat experience! This photo was taken during a nature hike at the retreat.

Anyway... while I look forward to getting back to a consistent posting routine... WHAT HAVE I MISSED? You know me, so you know that if I haven't commented on a post, I've missed what's going on in your world! FILL ME IN, PLEASE!

In the meantime, hope you had an amazing Spring Equinox! Now I’m off to do some Full Moon 🌕 Super Moon releasing! It’s been a great day! Namaste peeps! ✨🙏🏾✨

#TBT to sitting in front of the amazing fireplace in the Thanksgiving House at @eloheeretreat!
As I was working on my intentions for this New Moon, it took my back to the Mystic Moon Tribe New Moon Women’s Yoga Retreat hosted by @Jessicathejway and @bythepowerofshe at @eloheeretreat! It’s already been ONE MONTH! I can’t believe it!

I still haven’t fully, or mentally, unpacked all of the incredible wisdom that these ladies shared but I have to say that stepping away from the notes for a bit and revisiting them all with fresh eyes has helped shed new light, offering more perspective on some of the things that I was (and still am) processing.

One of those insights was that everything from the moon, to your body, to daily life and projects all move in cycles - ramp up, execution, closure and rest/recovery. I’m observing what’s working and what could use some changing. It’s been highly enlightening. And so, the journey continues...

What are you working on these days?!?

Hey @infinitystrap! Finally got a chance to try out @rl_yoga’s awesome Lizard Lunge variation! Of course, @victoria_gymnast_yogini had to steal the show! And when it’s not her... it’s the furbabies (👉🏾swipe), LOL!

How is 2019 going for everyone? Are you taking time to keep up with your goals and intentions? Revisiting your 2019 plans? One thing I’ve brought into 2019 is to Expect Miracles. Every Day. And with that, a lot has manifested, the small and the tall... from unexpected surprised in the mail to opportunities to be published and plenty of things brewing and on its way. So as we approach the Full Moon 🌕 tomorrow night, make sure you’re taking time to stop and be still, meditate, pray. Listen to/for the nudges, revisit your intentions, and then start taking action towards your goals! Namaste friends ✨🙏🏾✨🧘🏽‍♀️💕

It's been 7-1/2 months since #thebigchop!💁🏽‍♀️ I cannot believe how fast my hair has grown and how little I have had to do to it... that is until recently, as it has gotten longer. That has required me to start playing around with #washandgo hair (total misnomer, has been taking me a solid 2-hrs) but now that I've gotten the hang of it, it looks better and lasts longer! If you're curious to see how this process goes, swipe 👉🏾 and watch me work! And don't judge me as I'm singing and bopping along to the music (and my in-between 'focused-cringed-brow' faces🤣)! Really truly, I had no intention on posting that vid, I’d just recorded for my sister and bestie and yeah... figured I’d share, LOL! Felt like I needed to jam to some music today🎶... but last week, I listened to Podcasts!

Anyway... Happy Friday! Any weekend plans?!?

While I was away this weekend at an absolutely INCREDIBLE #MysticMoonTribe retreat at the @EloheeRetreat Center (more on that soon!)... THIS happened!!!

THANK YOU @naatlanta for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful publication! I am beyond humbled and so flippin’ excited, I really don’t know what to do with myself!

If you’re in the metro, please support Natural Awakenings Magazine and pick up your copy (It’s Free) at retailers like Whole Foods, @phoenixanddragonbookstore, @nutsnberriesatl, Sprouts, and I believe even your local library! The issue can also be view (in its entirety) via their website,!

This article will also give you a little sneak peek into the #InspireYogaJournal series! ✨🙏🏾✨🧘🏽‍♀️💕💕💕

Day 24 and reversing back through Day 17... Throwback Thursday Edition🤗🧘🏽‍♀️💕 for the #30dayyogajourney

Crazy to scroll back through what is now 3 solid years of Yoga posts and challenges! What an amazing collection of memories! As you swipe, all the ones with my girls is, I believe, from 2016! Funny how they’re growing up and I haven’t aged a day! 🤣😂🤣 J/K!

Thanks to @kinoyoga and @omstarsofficial for a great challenge for a great cause... For every person who joins the challenge - sponsors @Ohmmeapparel and @liforme - will donate $1 to the Yoga Gives Back charity, up to $15,000! @yogagivesback is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to raising awareness and funds in order to alleviate poverty in India, so, reaching our goal would mean helping so many people in need.

Who’s ready for the Super Blood Wolf Moon + Eclipse?!? 🙋🏽‍♀️🌕💫 I love the moon, always have! Something about all that goes on up in the sky that fills you with wonder and possibilities! Take some time to be still tonight. Maybe think about the intentions you’ve set for the new year or maybe just sit quietly and listen. •
Anyway... it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a foodie pic! So kicking off a new week, this is as good a time as any to inspire and encourage you to make healthy choices, one meal at a time!

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