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My first time trying stones today.

Dav was in practicing for his next strongman competition and at the end of my work out I decided to see what its like which was probably not the best idea lol

The stone weighs 115kg/ 253lbs
Its really awkward to pick up and yes for me its very heavy
Happy enough that it over the bar a couple of times.

Dav really makes his big lifts look easy but I can assure you they are not easy to perform.

Keep an eye out for tomorrows post as Dav will be trying something that was never done in this gym before 😉

It gives me great pleasure to share this transformation with you.

This is Killian who has just completed our Operation Transformation.

Killian lost 20.2lbs in 6 weeks, This past 6 weeks has completely changed his outlook on food and the gym and something tells me that this is only the start of it for Killian 🤗 hes such a pleasure to have within the gym with his bubbly personality and he is always smiling.

This picture is a fantastic point of reference ,going from a guy that could barely close his shirt to it now hanging off him 😊

Killian always checked in every Monday with a detailed account of his progress for the week, his personal training sessions were with @stephen.lombard.7 where there was lots of shouting and laughing all at the same time 😂 that coupled with consistently training each day has earned him this results
We all wish Killian every success with his fitness journey 🤗

Throw back to the International model category @pureelitecomp in April

That was my first time doing that category it consists of two rounds
First round is underwear and the second is dress wear.
Pictured here with
@tim_chase1 @jamesf_fitnessmodel

This photo is taken just over a month ago when I was only a couple of days out from Body Power.

No photoshop, filters or contoured abs here 😂

This is the leanest I've ever been since I started competing back in 2011.

Was I happy here?

You would think I should be becasue of the condition I managed to get to but in actual fact it was the worst and most unhealthy ive ever felt

The main problem was trying to get my weight down so I would make the category I wanted to compete in, that coupled with only having 2 weeks between shows made it even harder.

Competing takes serious discipline and commitment but no matter what anyone tells you things or people around you will suffer.

So the question everyone is asking me atm is " am I competing in the worlds in November? "

The answer is I really dont know, im training and eating like I am but my main focus is my businesses and getting gym number 2 open on schedule.

I hope to be open towards the end of July start of August and until then the Jury is out for competing.

Just because something sounds healthy it may not necessarily be the correct choice,

Maintaining your weight is all a numbers game its calories in vs calories out.

Start reading food labels and try to get an idea of what calories are in each food you will be amazed how high some are, tracking your calories isnt something you will have to do forever because as time goes on you will have a better understanding of what's calorie dense and what is low in calories.

The moral of the story is if you are going to a fast food place you may as well go for what you want and remember these foods are extremely low in nutrients and highly processed so be prepared to be hungry an hour later, that been said they can taste nice when its cheat meal time 😉

Something that I have been asked loads is
Do I do a vegan programme?

The answer I used to give was no because I didnt have enough knowledge on what its like to be vegan.

In any of my other programmes I have trialled it on myself so I able to offer context when Im referring to different systems I want clients to follow.

With so many people now turning vegan I knew I had to get the right person to help me,
@avril_o_d came on board and has wrote a number of different vegan plans with recipes and also has incorporated info about the different types of foods that are within each plan,

Avril is studying nutrtional science and is vegan herself and has made each programme both educational and fun to follow, Avril will also be there to offer support for any questions you may have.

A massive thank you to her for the huge amount of work that went into this 🤗

Interested in going vegan?

Simply get in touch and ill explain whats involved 😊

#vegan #healthy #eating #plantbased #fitness #fit #happy #cleaneating

A shot from @ukultimatephysiques in Body power
Pictured here next to @ransford_fitness we are always neck and with eachother in each show we do.
Looking forward to sharing the stage again soon with him 🤗

#ukup #bodypower #malemodel #under80kg #lean #fitnessmodel #fit #fitness

@hartecalem collecting some silverware at Cork City sports he came 2nd in his class.
Proud dad today 🤗

Another happy Operation transformation client who has just finished the programme.

As you can see she did fantastic throughout the programme
This ladies job can be quite stressful and her days can be long so planning her food timings was probably the hardest part of this transformation but with a couple of different tweeks she got it spot on.

Preparation is key no matter what your situation if you are not prepared it's going to difficult.

Operation Transformation has proved to be such a success we are starting our 5th on in the coming days and there has always been a waiting list,
Both myself and Steve are thrilled to be helping so many people achieve what they thought was impossible and it's the smiles on peoples faces that really make it worth while,
The vast majority of people we take on don't have any gym experience and we totally change their opinions on gyms and their perception of what goes on in the gym environment.

Interested in doing the next one which starts on June 5th?

There are just 3 places left

Get in touch today as these slots wont last long
Please feel free to tag or share this post 🤗

Congratulations Jamie on winning this Operation Transformation.

This lady absolutely smashed it she lost 11% of body fat and dropped and whopping 25 lbs in the six weeks.

Jamie has trained here since we opened but the new style of training Steve put her through has paid off massively.

She went from going through the motions to training like a pro athlete.

When it came to her pts she wanted to be pushed to her limits which Steve did each week and let me tell you that alot of what she was doing I wouldnt have been able to finish.

Ive always said there is no substitute for hard work and she is testament to that.

This lady is also a mother to 3 children and you will all agree looks fantastic,
We are looking forward to seeing what comes next for Jamie.

#operationtransformation #transformationtuesday #6weeks #fit #fitness #mindset #motavation #strength #healthy

Irelands largest fitness expo is only days away,
It takes place this year in the National show centre in Swords Co.Dublin on Sunday June the 3rd

I will be there with @flexinutrition come by and sample some of the products, we will be show casing the new Fury pre work out shots.

This show promises to be the biggest yet so dont miss out !

#fit #fitness#expo #flexinutrition #jointherevolution #preworkout #whey #fury #healthandfitness

Throw back to stood next to this monster @big_granty in April @pureelitecomp
Roll on November when the world championships take place 💪

#fitnessmodel #musclemodel #pureelitecomp #coachedbycharlie #ukfitfam #fit #fitness #mindset #motavation

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