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rlg  Little page for my kdrama obsession, mixed with a little art. I particularly love Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk. :)

Wonderful pictures of Hyo Joo, Park Man Hyun, and Minseon together on Jejudo. Side note: I like her sweatshirt. (I lived in Germany for 4 years and it's my family's second language. Her sweatshirt says "deutsch" (German) on it. :) ) hope they all have a wonderful time!

Repost from @parkmanhyun and @minseon0429

Jong Suk and his brothers. I guess this was actually taken last week? I am still tickled at the idea that Do Yoon made it out of the comic and managed to meet up with Kang Chul at a cafe in the real world. :) Looking forward to meeting the next brother as well.
Original caption: 잘생긴 동생들을 만났어요😐 하.. 살빼야지.. Repost from @jongsuk0206
#leejongsuk #leetaehwan

I really loved this song from Reunited Worlds. When I looked up the lyrics, I couldn't help but think of this scene from W--Two Worlds. It's called 아련한 마음 and the lyrics are by 임서영 (SE O). Translation is by klyrics.net:

In your eyes that look at me
What meaning is inside?
The quietly blowing wind
Will it tell me the answer?

Your black eyes
They don’t talk but
I feel like I can hear
Endless stories

My heartache
My painful memories

If they don’t all melt
In hot tears
Send them all
Right now, in this time

날 바라보는 눈빛에
무슨 의미를 담고 있나요
조용히 불어오는 바람이
답을 알려줄까요

그대 까만 눈동자
말은 하지 않지만
수많은 이야기가
들려오는 것 같아요


아픈 마음도
아린 기억도

뜨거운 눈물 속에
모두 녹지 않으면
지금 이 시간 속으로
모두 흘려 보내요

#wtwoworlds #jongjoocouple #thesadnessofostmemories

I think red plaid must be the current color design for fall? Jong Suk's weibo (withleejongsuk) today, 2017.9.22. Don't forget the WYWS press conference today at 2 pm Korean time! (I will be asleep...hopefully I can see something when I get up in the morning.) #leejongsuk

Hyo Joo for Basic House, 2017 F/W (video stills)


Hyo Joo for Basic House 2017 F/W. Repost from @rcnwann (original from weibo Miyappjj)


If you plan on watching Reunited Worlds, please do yourself a favor and buy some extra tissues. You will need them. But ahh, so good! I recommend watching Circle first (same actor, some interesting visual echoes at the beginning and end, but totally, TOTALLY different vibe. Still, there is something satisfying about seeing the same guy go through a very dark and then a very light experience.) Circle is gritty and very scifi. Reunited Worlds is very family/friend oriented and uplifting. You will get all of the feels. Well done, Reunited Worlds. And now I am a ball of snot and tears... #reunitedworlds

I wonder if I will ever be able to look at a Puuung drawing and NOT see them?

Credit to Harper's Bazaar Korea, Soompi forums, and of course Puuung (today's post). #leejongsuk #hanhyojoo #puuung #honeycouple #jongjoocouple

Dude, are you sure we're in the right drama? I'm wearing this pink sweatshirt, and I'm pretty sure I've seen that letter on your sweatshirt before, too. Should we check the script, just to be sure? :) (Sorry, couldn't help myself.) Credit to naver: http://enews.imbc.com/News/RetrieveNewsInfo/216155

#leejongsuk #whileyouweresleeping

Credit to Lipault


Hyo Joo for Lipault today. Stills from video from @lipaultkorea_official

Hyo Joo for Lipault today

Stills from video from @lipaultkorea_official

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