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rlg  Little page for my kdrama interest, mixed with a little art. I particularly love Han Hyo Joo and Lee Jong Suk. :)

Obviously I still can't get Mother out of my head. It's a drama that really lingers with you. Was reading more about it today and came across this recent interview with Lee Bo Young. I really loved what she had to say, though, because I think it's true, even if it flies in the face of what a lot of K-ent seems to believe:

Lee Bo Young, who just ended her “Mother”, talked about her marriage when interviewed by the media.
Lee Bo Young said that her husband, Ji Sung, will soon be involved in a new play and will need one's own time: “Now he’s going to the United States. I’m watching children myself. Last year’s “Defendant” and “Whisper” overlap, and my mother took care of the two. Month children, both works are excellent, we can only ask my mother for help.” Lee Bo Young also said: “Two people are engaged in an industry is very good, I personally recommend that actors love or marry. It is difficult for ordinary people to understand us or The industry of actor is sometimes irritating, sometimes depressed, and it takes a while to complete Mother's story and it takes time to get out of the show.Ouba understands my hard work and will understand it.I will also stay in the studio for a while before I start shooting. We will understand each other and we will find it very hard for us to be replaced by ordinary people. We are well-matched and the family is the most important thing after we get married. Although we have a great sense well-being at work, our focus is still on the family." (google translation)
Credit: https://weibo.com/3986147355/G7DZ3fFil?from=page_1005053986147355_profile&wvr=6&mod=weibotime&type=comment#_rnd1521259532305

Photo credit to Dispatch (2017 SBS awards)

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Just one last picture from Mother. I cannot even say what an excellent drama this was. 💕💕💕💕💕 #heoyool #leeboyoung #motherkdrama

Like, how can you look at them and NOT feel happiness?? Credit to owner

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I just have never seen any two actors THAT natural and close and connected before.

Credit as marked

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Kang Chul's memory may have been rewritten, but Yeon Joo made SUCH a deep impression on him that even the magic tablet could not completely erase her. Sometimes I feel that we fans are a bit like Kang Chul. Yes, W was fiction, and the actors are not their characters. Yes, those of us who are fans of both JS and HJ do in fact support their other projects, and have done quite a lot to advertise them. We look forward to the stories they will tell us in the future. But there is something about their real life interaction that made a strong, deep impression that is impossible to quite forget. So forgive me, please, for spamming just a bit. I hope that whatever else they are doing right now, that if they still want this, they can deal with whatever obstacles they may face, and have all the time together they want.

Credit to owner

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I do not know the original creator of this edit and was not able to discover through a google search, but kudos to whoever did it, it's brilliant! Go Nam Soon from School 2013, reading his favorite manhwa, lol.
Credit to original owner

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I can. not. say enough good about this drama. It's one of the best-made dramas I've ever seen. It leaves you with SO much to think about. (Also, you need SO many tissues to watch it!) That little girl, Heo Yool, has spoiled me for child actors forever. She is amazing. Meanwhile, this has got to be a life performance for Lee Bo Young. I hope this drama goes to every country, and that it helps to curtail child abuse everywhere. Last episode is tonight, and I am hoping very much for a good ending!! Cause I might not recover otherwise... The Cannes nomination is so very much deserved! Only 10 series were nominated worldwide, and this was one. Mother fighting!

And...done. (I could not wait for subs.) Wow. I wish every person could see this drama. I have no tears left in my head...but it was good. Empowering. Full of love. Beautiful.

See Soompi article here: https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/14/mother-nominated-1st-cannes-international-series-festival/?from=seealso

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So, it looks like they have cast the leading lady in Praise of Death! It's Shin Hye Sun. I've seen her in various things, but she's always been a secondary character, so it will be really interesting to see how she does in this role. I'm so glad to hear that it's someone whose main strength is acting. Yes, yes, it's about a musician, but this kind of role, I feel, really requires someone who has strong acting skills. Still no word on when it will shoot and air, but I guess they still have to finish the casting, right?
P.S. She was a student in School 2013, so, mini reunion of sorts there... P.P.S. This is only a two episode drama, guys. It is a small project. (Although the subject matter does sound a bit intense.) Filming apparently starts in mid April, according to her agency.

Credit and story at http://sports.donga.com/3/all/20180315/89110560/1

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Speaking of past works...Hyo Joo's face appears for half a second in High Kick 3, did you know? Jong Suk's uncle in the drama is using Naver, and who shows up at the top of the screen? :) Always must have been in the theaters that year... :) #highkick3 #always #leejongsuk #hanhyojoo #jongjoocouple #honeycouple

This is the last week for Mother. Ahhh...so good. This scene was so beautiful.
Repost from @justin_jisung with this caption: #마더 왜 이렇게 쏟아지는 걸까? 눈물이... #leeboyoung #motherkdrama

Lee Jong Suk from The Face Reader (which I confess I have not see yet). I do love all the interesting hats from the Joseon period, though... :) What I have see so far, starting with films:

Korea: As One
No Breathing
Hot Young Bloods

Secret Garden
(partway through High Kick 3: Revenge of the Short Legged--obviously that title is NOT talking about him, lol)
When I Was the Prettiest
School 2013
I Hear Your Voice (tied for my 2nd favorite drama of all)
Dr. Stranger
Pinocchio (3rd place drama VERY close on the heels of IHYV)
(part of Gogh, The Starry Night--I saw his cameo, does that count?)
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (cameo)
W--Two Worlds (my all time favorite drama)
While You Were Sleeping

Again, there are still more to see! But again, I feel like I have a pretty good cross section here.
#leejongsuk #thefacereader

It turns out if you have a subscription to Dramafever, you can find the film Masquerade on there. Hyo Joo has a small but effective part in it. (She is the queen.) An interesting film about King Gwanghae, who, upon an assassination attempt, orders his counselors to find a lookalike to stand in for him. He is drugged and while they are getting him to recover, they stick this actor they found in the marketplace in his stead. He passes fair tax laws and because he is from the common people, makes some good choices for the country as a whole. Then, of course, it all catches up to him... But it was a good film overall. And HJ really channels a Joseon queen well!! I have now seen the following of her work (there is still more to go). First, dramas:

W--Two Worlds (my favorite drama of all, period)
Dong Yi
Brilliant Legacy (aka Shining Inheritance) (ties for my 2nd favorite drama)
Spring Waltz
(partway through Iljimae)

Love, Lies
Beauty Inside
C'est Si Bon
Cold Eyes
Love 911
Always (aka Only You)
Heaven's Postman
Ride Away

I still have a few to see (she has a LOT), and her latest, Golden Slumber, is not available to me yet. But I dunno, I'm making a pretty good dent. :) #masquerade #hanhyojoo

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