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rlg  Little page for my kdrama obsession, mixed with a little art. Jongjoo shipper! :)

My sister ran across this cool poem by Shin Kyung Rim, called Paintings. It reminded me so much of W. Full poem plus translation (not mine) below.
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Scary Sukkie for VIP

VIP cut on SBS

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Hyo Joo and friends at a birthday party. Repost from lexx_kim IG.
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--Who is this lady, Mother? --My lifesaver. --The key to my life.
She certainly seems busy!
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I love this picture. Credit I guess to MBC, but also a repost from @leejongsuk.hanhyojoo
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I did not expect to see so many familiar faces in Reunited Worlds. It's a good drama so far. (I'm in episode 4.) There is something vaguely Jong Sukish about Ahn Jae Hyun. Really, though, the main reason I checked this out was because I missed Soo Bong.
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So here is the explanation as I understand it: yes, JongSuk has received his enlistment call-up for the military. *sniff* However, there is not a specific date attached. That is something that will have to be worked out. (But it's not like, tomorrow or anything.) In the meantime, regardless of military status, he recently turned down a film because he has worked nonstop since January 2016 and simply needs some recovery time. I hope he has a good rest, and when the time comes (whenever that is), that he has a safe military service and it goes by quickly. (Also as far as I understand, you can still see people while serving in the military, so your personal life can still go on, even if your public life is on hiatus. So that is good...) #leejongsuk #honeycouple #jongjoocouple

It makes me so happy to see this kind of love towards Hyo Joo. She has worked so hard, and I'm glad to see her be recognized for it.
Repost from @hanhyojoo_sg
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One last one for W Day. 😊

Credit to the MBC W set team, me, (bottom middle one), and otherwise as marked on the picture.) Please credit when reposting.
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W - Two Worlds started one year ago. Still my favorite drama!
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