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Alameda  195 Franklin St. in Greenpoint, BK // Open 7 days a week at 5 pm, Brunch Sat & Sun from 12-4 pm // Happy Hour - Mon-Fri 5pm-7pm

Im not very creative so I just combined two things I like and now you can get a bacon egg and cheeseburger with franks red hot on it. You may not be very productive afterwards but if you have a nap on the agenda today this might be just what you need. This and a bloody mary with a beer back. And a fernet. Maybe a cigarette. Look I dont know what you did last night, no judgements over here. #brunchonly

White bean and escarole on toast, with a green sauce made with summer squash and peas, and all sorts of basil.

Entrees are the new small plate. Come have scallops for dinner. Dont share if you don’t want to, be antisocial, bring a book. Or split an order with friends. Large share plates are the new appetizer. Entree means appetizer. America is a strange place. We make the best martinis. #toohotinthehottub

Put your faith in this #believe

Seriously tho do you brunch? #bro?

Do you even brunch bro? #brolife #cheflife

A sour made with Batavia Arrack and basil syrup. Fun yet sophisticated. Just comforting enough to help you ease into a day of leisure, but made from an exotic and interesting spirit that will hold your attention. An elegant composition. ‘The Arrack Obama’ #arrackobama

Campo Rosso lettuces with radishes, japanese cucumber, turnip, clothbound cheddar, and maple sherry vinaigrette. Eat a salad before you eat your burger. #fridaynight

Local Bluefish, fresh from the waters of the North Atlantic. Grilled over charcoal. Side of kohlrabi tossed in a salsa verde thats pungent with anchovies and capers. Then we dump a bunch of Sardinian olive oil and lemon juice on the plate. #fish

The dinner bell is ringing. #greenpoint

🔥 “All the things I
embrace as new
are in
fact old things,
re-released: swimming,
the sensation of
being dirty in
body and mind
summer as a
time to do
nothing and make
no money. Prayer
as a last re-
sort. Pleasure
as a means,
and then a
means again
with no ends
in sight. I am
absolutely in opposition
to all kinds of
goals.” - Eileen Myles

Whats up sorry its been awhile but here we go back in action with a fresh seafood post. Lightly cured fluke with tokyo turnips, colatura and lemon. Boston mackerel with kohlrabi slaw salsa verde and lime. Patio is open, white wine is cold, come say hi. #fish

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