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Alaina Rachelle👑  A Future Adventurer and Disney Enthusiast

If you can’t tell, school spirit is our thing :)

Happy Fall :))


it really is a magical place where dreams come true ✨

a happy girl before a long week of nationals ☀️💛

- i still love you though
choreo by: the amazing @_appletini

i’d say my party planning skills are pretty good 💙💙 #prom2k18

happy easter ☀️🐰🌷


such an amazing weekend at @velocitydanceconvention !! thank you to all of the teachers there and especially @powerexplosiondance for pushing me to be the best dancer i can be 💕 i’ve never been more inspired to dance before ✨

dance is fun when there’s only 6 people ✨
choreo creds: @_appletini

wouldn’t want to spend my 1️⃣7️⃣th birthday any other way ! thank you soo much for coming with me bren 💜

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