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Stephanie M  • ~ 🖤 ~ • ~ 🌵 ~ • ~ ♠️ ~ • ~ 🌵 ~ • ~ 🖤 ~ • •Bartender •Fit Babe •Momma •Spreader of love and Positivity baby ✌🏼 •Business Owner @beachcitysucculents

•🖤• HAPPY MONDAY!!! I’ve been Working so hard lately to better myself in every way! Fall always brings about change for me🍂🍁 Gotta keep it moving! Been staying on myself about working out every day even if it’s not at the gym! It still counts!
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🤔 need I say more?

I need a road trip! I need to get the fuck out of here! Im craving a change! .
#travel #roadtrip #ineedtogetaway #igdaily #babe

Home is definitely my happy place!😊Always thankful for my home and my kitty! My heart is full and I have everything I need. Hopefully tomorrow will bring another amazing day! Good night everyone! 🖤🖤🖤 #greatful #happy #fortunate #blessed #positivevibes #love

Ready for comedy night at work tonight!! Hopefully some good LOLs 😂!! I’ll be behind the bar! Come say hi!!!! 😘🖤

Hey if this bothers you,..then it’s for you. Lol #stophating #love

Little helper at work ☺️

🖤Silly Sunday chillen at home! Da best! .
Best part about my house, is it’s my rules! And I don’t watch football ever! #nosportssunday #idowhatiwant

Strong like a tree trunk!! Thick n juicy is what I’m going after! 🍑nothing sexier then a strong woman who has her own back! .
#fitbabe #bootyfit #strong #whowantstoraceme #bikinigirl

•🖤•Don’t go home after working 8 hours for a company and not work on your own goals, YOU’RE NOT TIRED, your just uninspired. .
Self motivation and self discipline have never been easy for me. But I’m trying to overcome that with teaching myself now. New habits. It’s never too late to change.

New workout routine started today! 🖤🍑🔪
#selfdecipline #workout #fitbabe #progresspic #bootygains🍑

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