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Alexandra Hartmann  Nolite te bastardes carborundorum. BSN⚕ 🏥💉

They stopped hating each other enough to smile for a pic for their mom. ❤️❤️❤️

✌🏼out, nursing school. It's been real. It's been fun. And sometimes it's been real fun. 🤙🏼 Shout out to my classmates who made it bearable and kept it 💯-- our group chats are some of my fave. K4L. #westcoastuniversity #k4l #nursingschool #lastclinicalday #studentnurse

It's been a long time coming but the moment is finally here!! ➖➖➖
Alexandra Hartmann, BSN
Thank you to everyone who held it down for me and helped me get here. I'm looking forward to this new phase in life-- next step, NCLEX!
#westcoastuniversity #bsn #nursingschool

Marisa's a Master!! Happy graduation to my BFF4L. Ports O'Call keeps it real lit on Sunday. 🤙🏼🤙🏼🤙🏼 #mastermarisa #mastersdegree #diagnoseme

🎉🎉Happy Birthday to my big bro!! Thanks for always looking out for me and taking care of me. I hope you enjoy your older and wiser year!! @dantheman_1974 🎉🎉 #littlebigbrother #dantheman

Vayda loves being a KidScents kid!! Love that this lotion is made with:
Therapeutic-grade essential oils
No mineral oils
No synthetic perfumes
No artificial colorings
No toxic ingredients
No hormone disruptors!! No worries about how much we use or the headache of artificial fragrances and her sensitive skin stays calm and soothed and smells great! You gotta put the love on the skin you're in and she looks pretty darn cute in hers!
#vaydaadrianna #youngliving #yleo #kidscentslotion #essentialoils

One of the last few Tuesdays that we'll be waking up early to get ready for me to go to school! 2 more Tuesdays and we're done!! #vaydaadrianna #babybff #thankswestcoast

Photo booth fun at the OC Fair today with the littles while the bigs got the most out of their ride passes! #vaydaadrianna #heyjude #borenbunch #ocfair

👉🏼👉🏼👉🏼#tbt to Vayda's third birthday party in March. I've had a few people asked where we found our Moana and I realized that I never posted about her!! I can't recommend @crownedprincessparties enough-- Vayda still talks about this day. Moana sang songs with the kids, read a story, painted faces, and even stayed for the cake! She spent time with everyone who wanted to take pictures and was sweet and professional. I know they're booking Moana like crazy right now but if you have the chance to snag a princess from @crownedprincessparties, don't pass it up!! #crownedprincessparties #moana #vaydaadrianna

I really love that Young Living offers more than "just oils" and here is a perfect example! 😬😬😬
3 year olds love to do everything themselves and don't want mom to help with anything so when Vayda went to brush her teeth I walked in a few seconds later to make sure everything was cool and she was licking the toothpaste from the tube. 😧😧😧
I kinda freaked and then I remembered that she uses the KidScents line of toothpaste and it's made without the use of fluoride, synthetic dyes, artificial flavors, or preservatives and it's toxic free. 🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️🕵🏻‍♀️
Have you ever looked at your kids toothpaste? Have you noticed that it comes with a WARNING to call poison control if swallowed in excessive amounts? Things can go south so quickly when it comes to kids and household products and toothpaste isn't a thing I want to have to worry about when it comes to her safety when she's learning the value of independence.
Did I mention that her breath smells like angel kisses too?! #youngliving #toxicfree #slique #kidscents #vaydaadrianna #essentialoils

It's always better when we're together. #jackjohnson #hollywoodbowl #classof05

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