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Al Kavadlo  #AlKavadlo 💪Bodyweight Training Specialist 🔰Author of GET STRONG ⭐️Lead instructor for the Progressive Calisthenics Certification👇

Things are always just as they are. 😑🙏 #Zen
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If you’ve ever wanted to train with me in person and get certified in Progressive Calisthenics, the PCC is the place to be! 😜🤘💪💪 I have 3 more workshops scheduled this year - Austin, NYC and Amsterdam. Follow the link on my profile page to sign up or find out more info. Hope to see you there! We’re working out! 😀💪💪 #ProgressiveCalisthenics #AlKavadlo #PersonalTrainers #FitnessTrainers

I just flew in from China and boy are my arms tired...from teaching the PCC of course! Congrats to all the newly certified trainers! We’re working out! 😁💪💪#ProgressiveCalisthenics #AlKavadlo #KavadloBros #DragonDoor

Fingertip push-ups are a great way to strengthen many of the muscles in your hands, forearms and fingers that are often otherwise neglected.
Doing push-ups on your fingertips is also helpful for balancing out all the closed-hand hanging grip work that is often a big part of calisthenics training.

Additionally, by elevating your body farther from the ground, fingertip push-ups encourage a larger range of motion by allowing you to go deeper on each rep.

Furthermore, as the hands are a key component of so many exercises, practicing fingertip push-ups will help your training across the board.

Here's a quick 40 reps for ya! Give these a shot in your workout today and let me know how it goes! 😜💪 #FingertipPushup #StrongFingers #GripStrength

In strength training, resistance can come from external or internal sources. This means that you can use external weights to create resistance, or you can utilize the principles of progressive calisthenics to get stronger with just your own bodyweight.

The same concept applies to just about everything else in life, too. Resistance can always be internal as well as external.
Sometimes I feel like factors outside of myself are holding me back from doing the things I want to in life. However, when I examine the situation closer, I often see that the resistance comes more from own internal limiting beliefs than anything else.

We all have things that we would like to accomplish, yet we feel like there is some insurmountable obstacle stopping us from doing so. Well there is: our own fears and insecurities. It's very easy to ignore this truth, however, instead choosing to blame circumstances outside of your control for your lack of action.

The next time you notice yourself blaming external factors for your internal experience, try to take an honest look at yourself and see if you can identify ways in which you might be sabotaging your own efforts.

This is a different kind of "resistance training" - training yourself to recognize your own subconscious resistance to growth.

As hard as it is to do a handstand in the middle of Times Square, it can be even harder to admit that the only thing keeping you from reaching your full potential is your own set of self-imposed limitations.
#InternalResistance #ResistanceTraining #ProgressiveCalisthenics #Handstand #TimesSquareNYC

Fitness should be EXPANSIVE, not EXPENSIVE!

That’s why my 30-day Universal Strength online video course is just $29!

Follow the link on my profile page for more info!

We’re working out! 😄💪 #AlKavadlo #UniversalStrength #DeepSquat
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Happy Birthday to my wonderful, beautiful, charming, amazing, radiant wife & mama-to-be @grace_kavadlo
I’m blessed to be by your side. 😄❤️🙏 #ThatsMyGirl #BestFrenz #SwoleMates

5 Tips for the Kip-up 😀👍 🔹Roll back onto your shoulders, bringing your feet above your head in preparation for the kick 🔹Kick up and out as explosively as you can with your legs, pressing your upper body away from the ground with your hands a split second later 🔹Arch your back as much as possible and push your hips upwards to make space for your feet beneath you 🔹Aim to land toward your toes with your feet directly beneath your hips, like in the thumbnail for this video 🔹Practice, practice, practice! 😂😜 #Kipup #NinjaSkills #XeroShoes #HyleteNation

“The best reason to look back is to see how far you’ve come.” 😎👍 #FlashbackFriday #2015

If you go to the beach and don’t do a #OneArmElbowLever on the rocks, did you really even go to the beach? 😂😜 #OneArmBandit #AlKavadlo

People ask me if having this big beard makes me hotter during the summer. Of course it does! In fact, it makes me hotter all year round! 😜🔥🔥 #BeardLife

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