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Al Kavadlo  #AlKavadlo ⭐️Bodyweight Training Specialist💪 ⭐️Creator of Universal Strength👍 👇Follow the link for more info!😀

Everyone knows that a push-up on your knees is less difficult than one performed on your toes - but why is this so? The answer is simple: Leverage. The longer you make your body, the farther you wind up from your fulcrum point, creating more torque for your muscles to resist.
Though the push-up might be the most obvious way to conceptualize this idea, it can be applied to many advanced calisthenics moves from the back lever to the human flag – both of which are best learned first with the legs in a tucked position. From there you can progress to a single leg tuck and then a straddle leg position before finally performing either move with both legs fully extended. The more you straighten your leg(s) the harder these moves become, so take your time and work your way there gradually. 😀💪 #HumanFlag #ColumbusPark #StreetWorkout #HyleteNation #XeroShoes #XeroHero

Is #WomanCrushWednesday still a thing? 🤔 Cause I wanna give a big shout out to my amazing wife @Grace_Kavadlo!😀
I’m so proud of - and inspired by - what a diligent and loving mother she is to our little girl, Adeline Jay. I’m more in love with her than ever and I want the whole world to know it! 😍❤️
#Enamorado #CrawlingInLove #PrimalFitness

Welcome to the wonderful world of #StreetWorkout, little one. 😄😘😜 #BabySteps #ScaffoldSwing #BabyBjorn

The sign said "Do Not Climb" – it didn't mention anything about Elbow Levers. 😜😂 #ElbowLever #OneArmElbowLever #OneArmBandit #StreetWorkout

Eight years ago I got an email from a guy named “Coach” Paul Wade who wanted to know if he could use a few of my photos for an article he was writing. As there was no compensation offered, my first thought was “Screw this guy! What’s he ever done for me?” Then I thought about it some more and figured “What do I have to lose?” A little while later I saw the article online and realized that this so-called “Coach” Paul Wade was the author of a popular book that I’d been hearing a lot about called Convict Conditioning. Soon thereafter Coach Wade asked me if I could provide some photos for his upcoming book Convict Conditioning II. This time it was a paid gig! I eagerly agreed and Coach sent me a list of about 40 shots that he wanted: The human flag, the twist holds, an L-sit, a back bridge, etc. Remembering the advice I got from my mom to always go above and beyond, I also sent him a few extra pics that I thought were pretty cool. One of those was an image of me doing a human flag on my brother @DannyKavadlo. 😜💪 It turns out that ol’ Coach thought that photo was cool, too.
In fact, he wound up using it as the cover of the book! But how did I even get to the point where Coach Wade decided to reach out to me in the first place? Well, I had already been a personal trainer for about 7 years at that point, and I’d been blogging on my own for a little over a year as well. I’d started to build a following, partly because at that time there was hardly any information online about the esoteric calisthenics skills that I was working on, so I decided to create that content myself. I figured there must be others out there who were interested in learning how to train for things like muscle-ups, human flags, etc. As fate would have it, my own interests and curiosities just so happened to align with a shift that’d been quietly happening in the fitness industry. Maybe I was just in the right place at the right time, or maybe it was my destiny. To paraphrase one of my favorite quotes, “I don’t know if I chose calisthenics, or if calisthenics chose me.” Either way it’s been an awesome ride and I’m grateful to still be on it. 😄🙏#FlashbackFriday #ConvictConditioning

You can always do one more rep if you really want it bad enough! 😜💪👊 #OneMoreRep #LetsDoSomePullups #ActuallyThoseAreChinups

III 😄❤️👪 #FamilyMan #ProudPapa #CameraShyBaby

Keep calm and beard on. 😜#FearTheBeard #BeardPower #Beardo

They are so many ways to make basic calisthenics exercises more difficult without ever needing to add external weights.

By simply decreasing your movement speed, you can make virtually any exercise exponentially harder.

This is especially true in the case of exercises like the toes to bar leg raise, where it’s very common for people to use momentum to complete their reps.

Often times people aren’t even aware how much they’re relying upon momentum until they attempt to perform the exercise slowly.

Using a standard tempo I can easily complete 10 repetitions, but just doing two reps at this cadence was tremendously challenging.

Though they go by quickly in this time lapse video, each of these reps lasted nearly 30 seconds. I even did the thumbs up at the end super slow! 😜👍 #SlowAndSteady #QualityOverQuantity #ToesToBar #HangingLegRaise #StreetWorkout

Keepin’ it wheel 😜 #WheelPose #BackBridge #MondayMotivation

Sunday morning stroll with my two best friends! 😄🐶🐕 I’m really digging these new “Boaty McBoat” shoes that I got from Xero Shoes. I think they might actually be my favorite Xero Shoes yet! 😀

They’re great for just walking around, as well as for working out. You can wear them with or without socks, and you don’t even need to worry about tying or untying the laces - you can just slip them on and off. 😀👍 To find out more or get yourself a pair, follow the link on my profile page >>@al_kavadlo #XeroShoes #XeroHero #BoatShoes

My shoulders have been a bit stiff and achy from carrying baby Addy around so much these last several weeks. One exercise I’ve been using to combat this is “skinning the cat.” 😺
Hang from a bar with an overhand grip, then pull your knees all the way toward your chest. When you can't get them any higher, begin rotating your body beneath the bar so your legs and feet pass behind it on the other side. 😅

Continue lowering yourself until your legs are fully extended with your arms positioned behind your back. This is sometimes known as a "German hang." This is the position that will give you that nice stretch in your shoulders. Pause here, then tuck your knees toward your chest, raise your hips up toward the bar and thread your legs back around, returning to the start position.😎💪👊 When starting out, you may have to cross your ankles to get your legs under the bar. Folks with limited mobility tend to have a particularly hard time with this. Keep your hand position relatively narrow in order to create as much space as possible to get your legs through. Also do your best to avoid bending your elbows during this exercise.

At first, just aim for one slow, controlled rep. Then you can start working on stringing together a couple at a time. I’m purposely milking the dead hang on both sides to help maintain shoulder mobility. 😀👍#SkinningTheCat #SkinTheCat #ShoulderMobility
Shoes by @Xeroshoes
Pants by @soweflow
Follow the link on my profile page for more info on #XeroShoes >>@al_kavadlo

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