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Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen once.

It always seems impossible until it’s done.
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What if life was leading the dance, and your job was to follow as gracefully as possible? What if every song on the radio was picked especially for you from a divine play list? What if every leaf on every tree knew your name? What if every person in every situation, consciously or unconsciously, was conspiring on behalf of your greatest good? Consider that it’s true, life is in fact working on behalf of the fulfillment of your wildest dreams (and by wildest dreams I don’t necessarily mean a new Lamborghini. I mean your full blown enlightened awakening to your magnificence.)

I am convinced that attitude is the key to success or failure in almost any of life's endeavors. Your attitude-your perspective, your outlook, how you feel about yourself, how you feel about other people-determines you priorities, your actions, your values. Your attitude determines how you interact with other people and how you interact with yourself.
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International selfie 🤳 day!
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Freedom is all! I climb behind the steering wheel... I drive off immediately without once looking back; it’s a long journey but it leads to freedom. 🌞
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By taking the time to stop and appreciate who you are and what you've achieved - and perhaps learned through a few mistakes, stumbles and losses - you actually can enhance everything about you - Jack Canfield .
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I am a miracle. Life is a miracle. Everything around me is all miraculous. Once you see things from this perspective you’ll feel a sense of peace that you don’t have to try so hard to control everything. Let go and trust in the higher power to guide you. Surrender your worries. Give up your doubt. Let yourself be free from resistance. Faith and fear can’t occupy the same space. Decide to believe in yourself and watch magical things start to happen in your life.

Stop overthinking, worrying, and stressing yourself out. Everything will be okay. It might seem like it at the moment when you’re in the midst of everything, but when you let go and feel that sense of inner ease great things will begin to happen for you. Ease is a state of trust and a powerful way of allowing. Your faith has to be strong in believing that you can manifest and receive what you want. All your requests and deep desires has been received by the universe. You efforts, your visualizations, and your prayers have been heard. You sent the signal out, now you just have to trust and be patient as your blessings begin to flow into your life. Don't think about how it will happen, that's not for you to worry about. Put it out there and let it happen. The universe picks up vibrations and those in gratitude, joy, and love for what they want to receive get them. The grateful get showered in blessings. Instead of overthinking, align your faith with divine timing and trust that everything that belongs in your life is making its way towards you right now. Don't block what's coming by thinking negatively. What you want has been on the way, but your worry, doubt, and lack of trust has been slowing down the process. Start releasing and start receiving. ✨🙏✨
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