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Akshay Onkar  🐆🐯Wildlife enthusiast 👳🌎Interested in Environmental sociology 📷Photographer 💡Researcher 🐦Bird watcher 🌿🎄Tree lover, 💘🎯and Archer.

One of my favourite tree Semecarpus anacardium (Biba, Bhilawa).
At Arni forest, Yavatmal.

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Hardwickia binata( Anjan) - One of the tall and handsome tree in dry deciduous forest of Central India.
Today at Pohara Malkhed forest, Amravati

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The sacred teak of Melghat tiger reserve

The giant teak in MTR also known as Sipna Patel. The name comes from the river Sipna which flows through the tiger reserve. In korku language Sipna means teak ( Tectona grandis ). Sipna Patel is the largest teak in melghat tiger reserve and second largest in Maharashtra after Glory of Allapalli. It has an Amazing girth of 292cm (2.92m) and height about 35 to 40m. It is believed to be more than 200 year old.

According to local people of MTR when people try to cut down the tree blood comes from its bark.The tree is worshiped by local people of MTR since


#WildlifeWeek #celebration #conservation #awareness
Interacted with students of Vikhe Patil school , Pune.
Conducted Nature walk and awareness lecture on importance of biodiversity and it's conservation.
I'm thankful to all the staff of Vikhe Patil school for inviting and giving me opportunity to interact with students.. 😊🐯🐛🦋

Western Ghats- Heaven on earth🌱🌴🐞🌿❤️

Tectona grandis ( Teak)
One of the most dominant tree in central Indian landscape and important source of timber.
Date -. 24 September 2018 at Pohara Malkhed forest, Amravati.

#centralindi #deciduoustrees

Monsoon colours 🌿🌷🌱 Behada ( Terminalia bellirica) one of the handsome tree in dry deciduous forest of Central India.
You can spot it easily in the month of June in deciduous forest on the basis of it's leaf colours.
#Foresttrees #centralindia #heritage #India #treespotter

It covers an area of around 140,000 km² in a 1,600 km long stretch that is interrupted by the 30 km Palghat Gap.A significant characteristic of WG is rich biodiversity and endemism. This mountain range is recognized as one of the world’s eight ‘hottest hotspots’ of biodiversity. but one of the criteria for declaring biodiversity hotspot is that it must have 30% or less biodiversity left than its original natural vegetation (which gets lost by deforestation and other activities).
Also western ghats is rapidly losing it's forest cover and diversity due to developing infrastructure projects, new railway lines, illegal resorts, mega projects like highways which killing animals. Future of western ghats in our hand. Let's protect and conserve remaining biodiversity of our heritage.
#westernghats #unesco #flora # fauna #India's pride

Phoenix sylvestris (khajoori) - One of the handsome tree in dry deciduous forest of central Indian landscape.
It is used to make mats, baskets, brooms and wild liquor (tadi). #Amravati #poharaforest #phoenixsylvestris #tribal #treesofindia

5 years of Fergusson college !!!! 📖

From July 5 2013 to 30 April 2018.....this has been the transforming years of my life.....my journey in Ferguson college has given me everything and here comes the unwanted end of this beautiful journey.... 🙏🙏🌿🌎

First chapter of new year 📖🙌🙌😃
Delivered a lecture on Biodiversity of Fergusson campus in the historical auditorium (Amphitheater) of college on the occasion of foundation day of Deccan education society. Also Felicitated for my work by Gangadhar Mhamane, chairman of the Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

#newYear #FergussonCollege #Environmentalawareness #Biodiversity #urbanEcolgy

First time Interacted with students of Sonai Village, Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra.
Delivered a lecture on environmental issues, awareness and socioeconomic aspects of environment.
Also conducted nature walk in the college campus.
I'm thankful to Dr.Shankar Laware, Principal of senior college, Sonai for conducting lecture and nature walk.
#sonai #Ahmadnagar #Nature-walk #environmentalawareness #ruralarea #Maharashtra

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