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Anna-Karin🇸🇪🇬🇧  I will leave my troubles by the river | Masters | Sushi | Stockholm | Bath

In case anyone needs cheering up today. Bro; you’re my favourite. @johnnysager

Jag trivs bäst i öppna landskap #vscocam

Amazing what some sun and gobs of paint can do 🎨 ☀️ 💓 #vscocam

Home is where the pine needles get stuck in your shoes 🌊 #vscocam

not sure if this counts as defamation but fuck you St Laurence for making me hate art and myself. If your teacher told you that you were shit at something then here is hindsight telling you that you don’t need to be good at it for it to have value. 🌊🌟#vscocam

You can’t help counting down the days when good things are almost in reach. 14 is our lucky number anyway 💓💫🌟 #vscocam

Mood: dad came to pick me up from work 🙃 #vscocam (only person in the world who hates Friday’s) #vscocam

sun soaked ☀️🌊 #vscocam

Let the light in ☀️ #vscocam

Before this photo: five hours sleep, heart palpitations, anxiety driven mania to ‘get things done’, be productive, eat this but not that, a decision to wear jeans and then get changed because they feel a little too tight, irritability, guilt, self-consciousness, do everything in the right order, feel frustrated, feel afraid that you did it wrong, feel dread in case you did, did you forget something else? What else have you got to do this week? What are other people’s expectations of you? Are you living up to them?

After this photo: a need to put my head in my hands and confess that it’s not all it seems. We are all in a struggle of life, be they small or large, and mostly we do our best.
I try not to be hard on myself, but it’s an intrinsic mechanism that failure isn’t acceptable. Inadequacy is my best friend and worst enemy, she tells me I could have and should have done better but my loved ones disagree. Inward battle: do they really know me at all? Of course they do. Whatever your talents, capabilities or personality traits are, they too can fall short against expectations that we hold ourselves to. We are not always lazy, we are tired. We are not always fun, laughing and life-loving people: we are sad, lonely and frustrated sometimes. Whatever I am, I am trying. And sometimes that’s all I can do. #vscocam

spring has sprung #vscocam 🌸🌼

I sunburnt my nose like two months ago now why won’t it go away 🤗☀️ #vscocam

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