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Tom Rodriguez 

Really REALLY digging this comfy vintage ringer!!!!! The logo is not only bold and iconic but is also made out of a completely different material than the shirt itself(side note: I've been addicted to running my fingers back and forth through it haha) thanks @benchtm and @bcbench #BENCHEVERYDAY

Ngayong tagulan, ang daming linyang panigurado ay pinanghuhugutan ng mga kaYAZZkada nyo. Tag nyo na sila o di kaya ipost dito best #hugot lines nyo #halthugotsthere

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Tag mo yung #YAZZkada niyo na hindi nauubusan ng hugot lines! #YAZZyouCAN

Shooting fuel! Thanks @greenmindsgroup for this organic green coffee...can't start my day without it :) on location shooting for The Significant Other :)

No IFs and BUTs...just YAZZ
Come check out our new video and see how you can make every part of you say YAZZ!

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Hindi lang YAZZ sa convenience at easy access! YAZZ na YAZZ ka rin sa mas pinadali, mas mura at 24/7 na pera padala sa iyong friends and family gamit ang YAZZ! Maki-jam na kasama ang YAZZkada natin na si Tom Rodriguez. #YAZZyouCAN #YAZZyoucanPeraPadala

ASF Ref. No. M026P071917M

Besides the SUPER nice Doctora Valerie Ecalnir-Embido at J. P. Sabater in Rob Magnolia, guess who else I bumped into...Some guy doing a terrible Harry Potter cosplay...and a cardboard standee...😂😂😂 #twinning #twinningikawaynariyan #essilor #crizalprevencialens Both are 100% protected from the harsh blue rays beaming at you from your gadget and device screens.

Easy YAZZ pie! Ang daling makapagload anytime and any place because guess what...we're nationwide! :) I personally love to make sure my online shopping never goes overboard by using a YAZZ card. It's the shield I carry with me to the madness that is STEAM SALE!!! #Repost @yazzcardph
Malapit ba ang mga bankong ito sa inyo? Good news dahil pwede na kayong mag-load ng YAZZ sa mga ECPay partners na ito! Para sa iba pang merchant partners, punta lang sa www.yazzcard.com! #YAZZyouCAN

These #crizalprevencialens #lightscanlens really help out with the long sessions in front of my multitude of screens. it always pays off to look for the blue :) But just wanted to share a proof of concept :) was wondering if I could make art assets on the ipad pro and if it would be a fast pipeline to just airdrop and implement it into a c++ code...looks like it works like a breeze making game development on the go a dream come true :) with #C++ using the #SFML library but you can use any graphical library you like :)

Some portrait studies in Clip Studio Paint EX with the Cintiq Companion 2 #de-stress #cintiqcompanion2 #clipstudio #digitalart

Thank you doc Jo and to my @metrodentalph family for always keeping my smile prestine :) Gone are the days when we should have phobias regarding going to the dentist because this team makes regular visits an experience I look forward to :) #happyhealthymouth

Tabi tabi po. Manggugulo at makikidaan lang haha Habang nagpapalipas oras sa set ng iHD, here's an original Tom Rodriguez joint for those interested :) I Melt Into You

Dancin' round the lines that make your eyes
Tracin' all the curves that shape your thighs
As I'm feelin' that body getting closer to mine
Slow dancing while we stop the time

And I melt into you
Set the rythm to our body clocks let's move
Oh, let's groove
Coz I melt into you
Space it right, let loose keep tight, tonight we prove
Oh, that we're good
Coz I melt into you

When the night seems never ending
It's alright let go, let it in
Let it be
You know we can't force the moment
It's contrived until you're flowing into me
The way I see (chorus) --------------------------------------------------------------- Btw, really living the cool blue hue in my @crizalprevencia lightscan technology lenses...wanna save your eyes from the harmful blue light? #lookfortheblue

The family that tapes together...hehehe ;P #taping #iHD #iHeartDavao

Playing around with Zenbrush 2 on the Ipad pro. Brush engine feels really articulate, although there is a significant lag. Shouldn't be an issue if you slow down though :)

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