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Tom Rodriguez 

Sabay sabay po nating panoorin mamaya ang Makapusong Paskong handog ng GMA para sa inyong lahat :):):) Maligayamg Maligayang Pasko mga mahal naming kapuso! :) #PaskongKapuso #KapusongPasko

Having fun with this FaceApp...apparently old me looks like a brown version of my dad and my female counterpart is literally my sister ahahaha @starmie214 Neural Networks are an amazing amazing thing! :)

Thanks @benxalves and @myjaps for an awesome night! :):):) next time ulit!!! #justiceleague

Oh how I've missed my cool ranch doritos but have to be back at it to burn all the celebration food from last night too...Gonna start bulking up soon and can't afford to set myself back from my goals. Thanks to the whole team yesterday @arnil13 @reggie_rm11 @lalaflores16 and @popsie_pops for taking great care of me and happy 30th to my year 87 batchmate @benchtm thank you for an unforgettable night! :):):) #benchunderthestars
To those concerned that I'm too skinny, thank you and your concerns are noted. It's just that I was a little too on the chubby side and we can't simultaneously cut fat and gain muscle. We finished the fst loss phase and are just about to start the muscle gaining stage now for next year. Trust that my trainer and I are doing everything in a controlled and healthy fashion and we both have a big surprise for you all next year :) love you guys!

Ready for a night of style, stars, and San Mig Light? See you at the @benchtm Bench Fashion Show 30th Anniversary!

1. Follow San Mig Light on Instagram @sanmiglightph

2. Like this photo and I hope to see you at the show!

#mahabahabanginuman #mahabahabangrampahan

Nursing my souvenir upset stomach from our Thailand trip and can't seem to sleep, so my Ipad Pro, Apple Pencil and Procreate are keeping me company right now until I pass out...hahaha #sketchislife

Midnight grind with coach Rico @jayarhomeo at @billyjamesfitnesscenter #boxing #pugilisticarts #supercalipugilisticexpialidocious no better way to unwind :)

Really REALLY digging this comfy vintage ringer!!!!! The logo is not only bold and iconic but is also made out of a completely different material than the shirt itself(side note: I've been addicted to running my fingers back and forth through it haha) thanks @benchtm and @bcbench #BENCHEVERYDAY

Ngayong tagulan, ang daming linyang panigurado ay pinanghuhugutan ng mga kaYAZZkada nyo. Tag nyo na sila o di kaya ipost dito best #hugot lines nyo #halthugotsthere

#Repost @yazzcardph
Tag mo yung #YAZZkada niyo na hindi nauubusan ng hugot lines! #YAZZyouCAN

Shooting fuel! Thanks @greenmindsgroup for this organic green coffee...can't start my day without it :) on location shooting for The Significant Other :)

No IFs and BUTs...just YAZZ
Come check out our new video and see how you can make every part of you say YAZZ!

#Repost @yazzcardph
Hindi lang YAZZ sa convenience at easy access! YAZZ na YAZZ ka rin sa mas pinadali, mas mura at 24/7 na pera padala sa iyong friends and family gamit ang YAZZ! Maki-jam na kasama ang YAZZkada natin na si Tom Rodriguez. #YAZZyouCAN #YAZZyoucanPeraPadala

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Besides the SUPER nice Doctora Valerie Ecalnir-Embido at J. P. Sabater in Rob Magnolia, guess who else I bumped into...Some guy doing a terrible Harry Potter cosplay...and a cardboard standee...😂😂😂 #twinning #twinningikawaynariyan #essilor #crizalprevencialens Both are 100% protected from the harsh blue rays beaming at you from your gadget and device screens.

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