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Anna Kate Nieman  sd -> az -> cincy dancing and yoga some work some play the higher you climb the better the view

You walk down the streets at night and see metal lamp posts and neon lights and massive, artificially made signs and think “damn, humans have really messed this up. There should be more green and trees and this and that.” •••
Astronauts say that from space you can see tiny, microscopic bacteria in the oceans because their pigmentation catches the light just perfectly and paints a design across the water. We can’t see them on earth because it’s only visible when you step back and look at the whole picture.
They say humans light up the darkness of night in the same way. Luminescent clusters form around cities, showing growth of human life. From space, it looks brilliant and bright and glowing.
So, maybe that means we’re a bacteria. Maybe it doesn’t. It’s probably ok if we are though. From this, there is only one thing that I know for sure - whoever’s up there has a much clearer view.

hi sweet cheeks, you are perfect!

Rewatching this over and over. This senior class holds such a special place in my heart. We asked for so much from you all and you responded to every request we made. Each of you have been amazing role models to me in your own way. Thank you for giving us your wide open hearts on stage and creating something I will never forget! I am so lucky to have been a part of your journey ❤️ @sierranelson_ @brookejpeterson @kinseystrom @emily_stegenga @natalienothdurft @alyse_dockter

I’m done forever someone queue jubel LET’S LIVE

in case you forgot! how you do one thing is how you do everything. so if you want to do everything with love, start by doing one thing with love. if you want to be happy everyday, be happy today! that’s all 🤗


HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANCE ❤️ thank you for lighting up this world with your music!!! also thank you @calpaca for working with me on this design and bringing it to life (if you don’t know bout her, know bout her)

an ice cream cone in Bangkok and some words about my tattoo (even if you don’t care about my tattoo you should read anyway bc life (it’ll take a second but just commit)) happy monday y’all have a great week 💕

thank you auntie gi for showing us this beautiful place!!

life is a game of constantly redefining yourself and realizing who you truly are in the present moment. sooooo the whole “being better than who you were yesterday” thing is bullshit. what you really have to do is center, look around and see what you’re working with at the given moment, and then throw everything you’ve ever known about yourself out the door and redecide who you wanna be!


forreal tho look at these freaking creatures!!! I made real life friends with 3 ton beautiful beasts!

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