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Anna Kate Nieman  sd -> az -> cincy dancing and yoga as you think, so you become

trapped in the flow (music: harvest love by @tashsultanaofficial)

missing college football from the best seat in the house. LET’S GO CATS

Ok random picture of flowers with some things I feel like we are all downplaying atm: 1.) the bees are dying at an exponential rate and if they die we’re all gonna die so ow 2.) all of our hearts are infinite energy centers and literally have no limit on what they can do with the right intention and we are all walking around with one inside our chest ready to go. So maybe if you have a moment send some love to the bees a couple times a day till it gets better alright fam love you all good night

wanna be back in lollaland

“For you to see beauty here does not mean there is beauty in me... it means there is beauty rooted so deeply within you, you can’t help but see it everywhere”

Someone please get me back on this boat ASAP

The less glamorous side of vacation... did a stopover in Iceland for two nights because it was way cheaper than flying straight home from Greece. My luggage was lost somewhere along the way sooo now I’m kinda cold. But I’m here. And flowing on the floor in a shirt from the airlines overnight pack.

silky sunsets
📷: @andrea_loud

Thank you, Ercole, for teaching me about flowers, life, and how to drive a 12 passenger van like a Vespa! Ti amo!

reeeeeally missing the sound of prosecco popping signaling lunch is about to start (📷: @corrieloeffler)

In the words of Ercole... “if you want to touch heaven and come back, try this.”
Pretty much sums up the last six days spent in a very very happy place on the coast of Amalfi (📷: @corrieloeffler)

saw a pelican standing on the rock and got inspired... bird of paradise pose

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