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Ann Kleinhenz  Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. -Guillaume Apollinaire-

AMBER ALERT! Missing 13 year old young girl. Bothell, Washington State! Please share! @samuraichampheaux 's sister is missing. Her name is Haleigh Michelle Grogan - Who knows folks in Washington State????? Repost, send to friends, let's help find her.
Police department #: 425-486-1254
Case: 18-11601
#Washington #WashingtonState #missing #missingchildren #amberalert

if you still think the US doesn't have a race problem and that the entire system from tipping, police, property laws, education etc etc isn't built on and still to this day acts the same way as it did during slavery than you my friend have not read a real history book. And if you choose to still support the #NFL after this, what you are saying is: I'm totally fine with #whitesupremacy #slavery #policebrutality #privateprisoncomplex #opression <--- that you will not be able to get around. #takeaknee #withkaep #withreid #boycott thank you @giannie_couji for the pic & always posting truth

soooo @wholefoods apparently doesn't allow free speech 🤔 thank you rental cop for trying to tell us we can't even be in the designated "free speech zone"...guess local farmers markets it is from here on out...#wholefoods #sucks #freespeech #BS

Thank you @chakabars for that reminder. Everyone is always quick to jump and point a finger, myself included...but then we fail to look at how we are propelling and supporting a system, values, and interactions we're supposedly against. We are "disgusted" by historical atrocities like slavery, genocides and both world wars, yet we are letting them happen under our very noses this very moment. And no, tweeting against it and sitting at home railing how fucked up it is does not count. We don't treat our family, friends and co-workers right, yet we post a meme of love and forgiveness online, we say #NODAPL yet we continue to buy #Nestle products, waste energy and water and buy stock in companies that support the destruction of Mother Earth. The list goes on and on and on...we have seen countless studies of how social media turns us into versions of ourselves that we do not want, how it's influencing our thinking, behavior etc...we see it in ourselves and each other...yet here we are. So maybe on that note...let's look inward. What's a step you can take each day to work towards the world we want. What can you change in your daily habits? What can I? And no, no one is perfect, nor should any of us pretend to be...but it's good to reflect and keep growing. We won't get there overnight but we can certainly start building the future we want to see. Inward and outward #growth #lookinward #UpToUs

live easy. live now. forgive now. love now. 💞 #love #foodforthought #now

Heal yourself. Free yourself. ✨ #selflove #selfcare #savetheworld #mondaymotivation

Let's start this week off right! Shout out to my peoples doing this every day! 💞#getit #mondaymotivation

Ha! Word. Who knew ;) #harrypotter #snakes

I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it's for or against. ~ Malcolm X. #malcolmx

I cannot stand that woman...but at least now the world cannot deny the position the US is and sadly has been taking for years...decades...if the international community really wanted to help Palestine, they'd put their foot down, we'd all pressure our representatives to act and put an end to this. So the outrage we feel about this picture...well...a part of all of us has done the same thing, we just smiled and backed away slowly saying "I'll be right back". And then left Palestine right where it was...#thursdaythoughts #israel #palestine #gaza #USA

nuff said. #beachbody #selflove

⚰️⚰️⚰️ I can't even....These #BBQBecky memes...#daysilovetheinternet #Prince #911

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