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Ann Kleinhenz  Co-Founder of @uptousorg πŸ’ž Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. -Guillaume Apollinaire-


πŸ’”πŸ’ž#nowords #rebel #starwars #ourprincess #leaderoftheresistance PS: "we've got all we need."

#truth #netflixandchill πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚

hehehehehheheh cannot wait to kick Paul Ryan's smug face to the curb. #DougJones today and #RandyBryce in 2018!

Under the Milky Way, Australia. do us humans really deserve such stunning beauty? Photo by @james.garlick #gaia

I think these two have life figured out. #FindYourSunnySpot #dogdayafternoon

...whenever I get triggered...tbh...at best I vent... but most of the time I react...and I truly believe we will never not be able to react first, but what we can control and work on is how strongly we react and how quickly we then go to venting to then jumping to address said triggers. That's all. Some times it takes years or even life times, others only a few seconds...but what we rarely look at is the cost of it. The cost of being stuck in your trigger because what we miss out on in all the time spent between reaction to finally addressing our triggers is true listening. And true listening leads to compassion, understanding and love. So whenever you react, have your guard up and are NOT 100% filled with compassion and love: you are Reacting. Period. You're reacting to something...I am reacting to something...but what I loose is love. So as a consequence of me loosing love, you now loose love...and on it goes...til we are lost in a world absent of love...and who doesn't get triggered by that? interesting how that all plays out ey? #listening

What if we met anger, ignorance, fear and hate with radical vulnerability...? What if we disarmed and unmasked the disguise of all of the aggression & upset and got to the root cause of the other person's anger by sharing our own vulnerability and fear with them first? I guarantee that you will find much more common ground than you expected. And this goes for looking at our own anger and upset as well? What is the raw emotions and fear under it? Express that...there is no weakness in softness and no weakness in vulnerability...it is merely a way to a better understanding. Of "others" and of ourself #softness #practice #RadicalVulnerability #letgo

... #signs

i feel you heart...

do what you love and shine your light. #beyou #shineon #mondaymotivation

@esspeciallymade helping @lilvanilladrop in the art of letting go. #backyardbarbershop with @_idalia_ @momoell @mayamcclean @nandymcclean @rosariodawson and @leahboo257 we have now made this house into a walk in outdoor movie theatre, restaurant, spa, concert venue, Alice in Wonderland garden and now barbershop. Who's bringing the tattoo artist? @malialia you ready? #lovemyhome

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