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Ann Kleinhenz  Co-Founder of @uptousorg πŸ’ž Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy. -Guillaume Apollinaire-


βœ¨πŸ’ž lets do this folks! #doyou #findyourpassion #sunday #morning #meditation

Missy is still #SupaDupafly - first performance in the states in 10 yrs! You know we couldn't miss this one! #workit #getyourfreakon #losecontrol #TheRain #HotBoyz #izzyizzyahh #FYFFest

When it rains it....is definitely the time to bring back childhood activities like jumping in rain puddles to try and get your friends wet! Why should kids have all the fun? πŸ’¦β˜”οΈπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™ŠPS: still got it, call me the puddle master 😝 PPS: @germansband seee I'm wearing your shirt everywhere! #nevergrowingup #dancingintherain #neverforgettoplay #waterislife #play #enjoy #repeat

imagine what your life would look like if it was ruled by gratitude? But more so, what would the life of the people around you look like? try it out. βœ¨πŸ’ž #gratitude #love #givemorethanyoutake

family, tribe! One year ago today we started with our @uptousorg caravan from @fullcirclevenice on a cross country road trip to the DNC in Philly.
We stopped along many communities and met with local organizers, activists and people from all over the country each night. It does not seem like only a year ago because the bonds formed within these 10 crazy days (that later on would lead us to #StandingRock and another few months in @lori.woodley's RV) seem like they've been in existence for ages. Ohana means family, and you all are mine! Thank you @jvmeding for capturing some of the magical moments and working on a documentary! Folks, if you have a few dollars to spare please help Joseph out (link in bio) - to everyone who's been such a huge part of #UpToUs: my heart is bursting at the seams with all the love and joy I have for you! πŸ’ž truly! @shailenewoodley, you, you, you... from giant whiteboards to US road maps and endless sleepless nights planing this lol I love you! @rosariodawson aka batgirl, always encouraging courage and making sure we're all ok even from far away! #batvision πŸ™Œ @kendrick38 @calinalawrence @malialia @hiawathasmalls @heidiismighty @johnnymisheff aka speedster @hopead @amymillerz @theartninja @msladymich @nomikikonst @francesfisher @joshfoxfilm @mrmikedelarocha and so so sooo many more including our #rainbowtribe and all other local organizers who welcomed us along the way! Remember our motto: always leave each space and person better than you've found it! You did it so so well last year and I know your impact and power by now has only multiplied πŸ’₯βœ¨πŸ™Œ love, love, love you all!

5am. morning mists still rolling through the valley of my hometown. #home #Marburg #sunrise

#tbt to my first day of training on #Themyscira βš”οΈ

Today would have been your birthday grandma. You lived through WWI and WWII, became a refugee and had to rebuild your life from the ground up twice. I remember that when I was young I could not hear your stories because you always started crying so much just thinking about what you all went through I never got through asking you more than a question...and I have always regretted that since. But today, I got to listen to the stories from my aunt and mom of how you fought for your family after WWII, how you managed to keep them safe during the long travels from Poland to Germany, how you refused to give in or take the easy road and settle with relatives because you knew your kids would become nothing but farm helpers there. You built a whole new life where anything was possible for them and in turn you made anything possible for me, my brother and cousins and you did all of it with so much love. Constantly cooking, baking, singing, telling us fairytales and showering us with love...never once did I see you angry, never once did I see you be rude. Never once did you use your past horrific experiences as an excuse. Ppl often say "don't let a harsh world make you hard"...you were the living example of that: always centered in love and even in your old age curious to learn about and (if need be) shatter the old stereotypes/learnings you had received about homosexuality, other cultures, customs and people ...you were the true matriarch...96 years of standing tall and strong in that ridiculously tiny little body of yours that bursted with love and gratitude from the seams. Today I am even more in awe than I have ever been. Today I miss you more than I ever have. But today I am also grateful that the moments and people that have truly touched our hearts, never ever leave us...what I do with my life, is in the hopes of honoring yours. Ich hab Dich so lieb Omi. #matriarch #HappyBirthday #grandma #Oma #Omi #ourancestorswalkwithus #noexcuses #justlove

One of my favorite protest art pieces to this day against the G-20 in Hamburg this year #1000Gestalten represents the different spectrums of helpless-ness and humanity turning into "zombies" around the world. Over 1000 clay zombies walked in slow motion across Hamburg, some of them falling over while others moved on/stepped over them without the blink of an eye. This is what humans have turned into, all of us on different levels of apathy, indifferent to the humanity of others...at the end, they all washed off their clay and returned to beautiful colored human beings. Let's hope we all wake up and do the same one day. #G20 #Hamburg #protestart #art

Blimey! Which scallywag took me ship?!

Another day working hard at hardly working.

Naughty by Nature yesterday, back to @studiooneeightynine pop-up today! Come through at @thesurflodge @surfbazaar - last day!

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