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AkiyaJeri Jackson  A few of my favorite things.... Mon-Friday 9am-9pm Shipping 4-7days*📦 #AtlantaBased ✨ Facebook.com/AkiyaJeriCollections #addme 💕👽🦄🕉


I carry fairies in my book bag🎒
That's why I stay with one👽
Tank dress | shop now

Yesssss we made it ! Mermaid Ish🌊 @nene_lpn 😍😍💘🌊 Orange Crushin it 😱😜

I just wanna know if I could be your favorite👽💕? So many colors🌈 pick one or all😭 |Shop Now

I am extraterrestrial forREAL👽
Rare like a Unicorn🦄even before them became cool. Lesson for today is JUST BE YOURSELF🌞 it will all work out one day. Who would of thought I would have a business that is helping me get closer to my dreams🚀💭 all my supporters mean so much to me and my world 🌎 AND DONT FORGET TO SAY NO❌To DUCK SAUCE cuz Akiya said so 👽 #empathy #animals #love #indigochild #flowerchild

I seriously had ducks 🐤🐤🐤 like brrrrruuuuhhhhh 😂😂😂😂 can you imagine being in high school and having 5 kids lol #indigochild #empath

A real #tbt of me 6 years ago😀 I became a mother to 5 baby ducks🐤 one of the best experiences I have ever had. I have always been interested in love of all forms👽 a true #indigochild i learned so much from them and I realized my dream was to have animal sanctuary🌞 truth is I have always been a weirdo👽in my own world. I was like this even before my first trip 🍄 lol

Atlanta ONLY !

And this is how the game goes😩😭
I can't rush it or anything unless you pay for OVERNIGHT then that's when tracking is legit😭🚀

Life is like a box of chocolates🍫
Never know what your gonna get with me | NEW COLORS ADDED🦋

Like omg I just thought about this shit 👽👽👽👽👽 and I have noticed a lot of people who follow me are the same way . We're all just a bunch of loners ..... one day we might meet ! Who knows! 🚀

💙 Neon Blue | Tubular💙

🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃 link in my bio

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