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🌈Audrey Kitching  model, crystal worker, energy alchemist, artist [email protected] Philadelphia


Spring is coming early this year.🌈 x @brunoroids

The coolest thing ever is caring and loving things with all your heart.💕 x @brunoroids

Oh what a wonderful soul so bright inside you. Maybe you got power to heal the sun’s broken heart and power to restore the moon’s vision too.💕 x @brunoroids

Added 7 new books to the store this week✨ @crystalxcactus #learnsomecoolthings⭐

Beauty Tip: cover your face with organic raw honey for 20 minutes.✨ x @brunoroids

Instead of saying (I don’t have time) try saying (it’s not a priority,) and see how that feels. Maybe it's time to make a change.⭐ x @brunoroids

The silver-white of sugar cookies, pearl necklaces and angel wings.🕊 x @brunoroids

Mailing myself to Jupiter.🌸 x @brunoroids

I will paint you as a Roman Myth.🦋

Cake from Venus ☕️ #galacticabstract