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Throwback to the recent past! ALWAYS AMAZING : A-Kinko's AWESOME pieces of jewellery---neckpieces,cuffs and earrings--- graced public billboards,posters and brochures in the lead-up to the last Accra Fashion Week.

Statement Earrings: A-kinko's amazing natural pod earrings.

AWESOME! A-Kinko presents another Unbelievable Statement Neck Piece, complemented with exquisite A-Kinko cuffs and earrings ,and worn ever so royally by none other than the queen herself, Victoria Michaels. @vicamichaels

A-Kinko: Afro-centric accessories as never seen before— spectacular wigs, as well as one-of-a-kind, handcrafted jewellery, handbags and footwear in our own designs.
Styled by Akinko with clothes mqde by A-Kinko ;
Model: @knaa_sapphire
Photography: @joshsisly

A-Kinko: Afro-centric accesories as never seen before! Earrings, finger rings and pieces for the hair galore! @officialvieews

Wonderful African Queen of song, Becca,looking so Ravishing, in a dress from a selection at A-kinko, and a classic A-Kinko neck piece, canoe ring, and earrings.
@beccafrica @team_beccafrica

A-Kinko earrings and bracelet looking ever so good on the enchanting and charming Mistress of song, Becca.

@beccafrica @team_beccafrica

Akinko's majestic crown with semi-precious stones, as well as its statement ring with a semi-precious stone ,both fit for a queen ,and both worn regally by Victoria Michaels, a natural Queen !
If you like what you see,then A-Kinko humbly invites you to vote for it as the Best Accessory Designer using the link in its bio.
Model: @vicamichaels Stylist: @kelvincentgh Make-up Artiste: @h.o_beautybar
Hairstylist: #Hairways Photographer: @joshsisly

A-Kinko in a rich display of its true colours as an Afro-centric lifestyle brand!
We both design and vend original handmade fashion accesories and original home items,all made from natural materials.
Here: *A-Kinko trademark "canoe" earrings in brass; * crown in brass with semi-precious stones; *hand-carved long-back "Klyke" chair in wood and embellished with brass ; * antique carved wooden chest.
Also: hand-woven cotton dress in traditional hues of bronze and black, from a wide collection available at A-Kinko.
If you like what you see, A-Kinko humbly invites you to vote for A-kinkolifestyle as the Best Accessory Designer using the link provided in our bio.
Model: @vicamichaels
Stylist: @kelvincentgh Make-up Artiste: @h.o_beautybar
Hairstylist: #Hairways Photographer: @joshsisly

One of A-Kinko's Dramatic, Handmade Creations is this neck piece which adorns the classy Victoria Michaels. Oversized earrings, also handmade by A-Kinko complete the look.
Dress: available at Akinko.
Model: @vicamichaels
Stylist: @kelvincentgh Make-up Artiste: @h.o_ beautybar
Hairstylist: #Hairways Photographer: @joshsisly

A-Kinko presents its clothes and accesories collections for men:eye-catching and one-of-a-kind items include handpainted T- shirts,handmade men's bags,handcrafted footwear in exquisite leather,and so much more!
Model: @theclintonsamuel
Photographer: @lightningpathways

KINDLY VOTE FOR A-KINKO LIFESTYLE by following the ➡ Link: www.AccraFashionWeek.org/vote
From today 5th March - 19th March, 2018.
We are pleased to remind our numerous followers, friends and admirers that we have been nominated for an award as The Best Accessory Designer in the forthcoming Accra Fashion Week.

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