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AkinA  🌟student of universe🌟 #vibratelove #createpeace #receivehappiness #universeismyplayground I'm not building abs, I am building core.

I am one with nature 🍃

What are we without surrendered?
A piece of soul full of fear, full of angers, full of anxiety.
Forcing everything to go the way we wanted. Forgetting to surrender to the divine. Divine within.
Too busy looking outside where the real chaotic is inside.
Don't forget to give yourself love first, then you'll see every problem you have is your own creation
Sat Nam

The pain is real 😂😭🌈
🎶: Longtime Sun by @snatamkaurkhalsa

I love the feeling of getting stronger everyday.. And to get strong is to embrace all the pain from the training
High Frequency🙌🏽

I sea ya! 🐚🐳🦄 👁

⭐️ 100 PUSH UP/DAY in 21 DAYS⭐️
Calling out all warriors to join @indobarian_indonesia 21 Day challenge!! Just a simple basic body-weight movement. No rules on how many reps you go, either 10 or 5.
Do it first thing in the morning, before shower, in the office, or before bed.
•• The form: make sure you push all the way up (because it's called push up, duuhhh..) Be free to do any variations.

Tag me and I will repost on IG story. GOOD LUCK!

Monday could be so tight, let's loosin' up a bit with simple movement 🤗

Waktu masih antagonis.. @vittamariana tetep antagonis 👻

Nama: Akina
Cita-cita: menggantikan patung pancoran 🤡 🤸🏽‍♀️

Banyak yang tanya ke aku, aku olahraga setiap hari, what is my diet?
Karena tubuh kita 72% air, aku prefer Alkaline diet, yaitu mengkonsumsi makanan dengan ph basa tinggi (sayur/buah) nah salah satunya yg bisa menaikan ph basa dalam tubuh adalah perasan jeruk lemon+air hangat.
Untung sekarang ada @lemonup.id jadi ga perlu repot2 peras lemon setiap hari dan kegunaannya juga banyak bgt!

I don't really like to take video while doing my meditation or yoga, because I thought it was the time I reconnect with the divine within me.
But this morning I was thinking, why not?
Why not share this imperfections
Why not showing my flaws
Why not being brave to be my true self
Sending love to everyone in this beautiful day💜
n a m a s t e
🎶: Parvati Vallabha Ashtakam @ishayoga

My first OCR with @indobarian_indonesia 🙏

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