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Comment below 🔊 if you CALL OHT SCREENS ! Nothing is worse than getting clocked because your teammate didn’t have your back. Is bron the best ever? Players you can learn a lot from this clip. -

1. Communication is extremely important. This is one reason why Lebron is the best in the world. You can see him constantly talking. Vocalizing what he is doing, what his team is doing, and what the other team is doing.
2. Enjoying the game. The game is serious... but the game is fun! Enjoy it !
3. Pay your respects. Approach those who paved the way from you. Again I say it all the time. Appreciation goes ALONG way !
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If you have hit three 3’s or more in a single game drop a 👌🏾 below. -

We are working on getting low - and exploding with our back foot. I’m a fan of both the 1-2 footwork & the hop. But when doing a 1-2 one of the biggest areas of focus is thrusting your foot forward faster. This one concept can drastically speed up your shot‼️ something I learned from the UK coaches and added a twist too. I have the ball on the ground to make sure the players are low and their hips are dropped ! -

Tag someone who can use this drill, or someone you can do this with !
#LoveTheProcess #Basketball #trainer #training #nba #coaching

If you read this and are not soft I NEED you to comment 💪🏾 below ‼️ -

Player toughness is a catch 22. You want them to be tough on the court, but you want them to be nice off the court. We want kids to be tough, but we want to provide a life where they don’t have to be... It’s doable, but it takes practice ! Like anything else toughness is a skill, but skills must be practiced. This skill is something that must be demanded from a Coach. Guys I strongly believe players from any demographic, any socioeconomic class can be tough! Yes family situations, upbringing etc play a role, but anyone can be tough. And this translates to life outside of basketball? What do you do when adversity hits ? -

P.S. - comment below how many times I said “like “😂. #Toughness #trainer #coach #life #basketballtraining #basketballtrainer #basketball #adversity #character #LoveTheProcess

Comment if I played him in one on one what the score would be ? Awesome grabbing some breakfast with my brotha @jonisaac_01 today! Love the conversations I have with this guy forreal. It’s awesome how basketball started a relationship that goes so much deeper ! Got some cool things in the works shortly !! . #BasketballTrainer #Trainer #Magic #Orlando #Nba #Basketballtraining #florida #fsu

EMBRACE DEBATE. Game was dope ! What did you all think about the All-Star game? Was it one of the best you’ve seen? And is Lebron STILL the best in the world? Hmmm 🤔 #Lebron #allstar #la #goat #teamlebron

Who is winning tonight ? Team Lebron or team Steph? Drop your predicted final score below.
I got team Bron 128-124! I just hope they play harder 🙄🙄 #La #allstar #nba #lebron #steph #basketball #basketballtrainer #jordan

Nothing like family ‼️. Do me a favor... Tell your family you love them tonight. Family isn’t only blood. It’s those who’ve been with you thick n thin. Drop a heart ❤️ if you appreciate them and tag someone letting them know you care. It seems wack... but a little appreciation can go a long way. #family #mother #fatherhood #son #love

3 nights ago I cried myself to sleep! -

Now some may say I’m soft or whatever but I gotta be real with you all! It wasn’t out of sadness like you may think but out of gratefulness ! I was really just thinking about how much God loves me, how much he has blessed me. The people he has put in my life... the blessings he has given me... the opportunities he has allowed me to have.... when I really focused on those things it was overwhelming ! A lot of times I focus on all the hardships I’m going through in life. And I can write a book because believe me like you I have them and am dealing with them. But his grace is sufficient, and despite all my shortcomings I truly felt his love... the love that he showed when he died for me. As my son slept next to me ( funny story... I always wanted a son... I’ve wanted to raise a good God loving man my whole adult life... well when sleeping one day I woke up after having a dream. I heard God talk to me in the dream and told me I was going to have a son, and to name him Zechariah. I woke amber up, told her and then started to doubt .. thinking I was crazy. 4 or 5 days later, she found out she was pregnant.) I told family n friends. No one believed me, all thought I was going to have a girl (apparently they thought I was crazy)... lol and turns out we got a gift of a son (I KNEW IT DEEP DOWN despite doubt). But As I laid in bed grateful.. him sleeping next to me.... I think that Zechariah means “God remembered” ... and I’m here to tell you despite our faults God really does remembers .. and I’m so grateful for it 🙏🏾.. what are you grateful for ? 👇🏾 please share !

Kyrie Irving has his handles on a string. But he also probably has the best off arm swipe in the league. This drill will help your perfect both. Tight spaces - physical defenders, ballhandling and pace. Way to often I see players spazzing when someone is pressuring them. Add this to your arsenal to change that ‼️. 3 sets of 30 seconds daily. It will change your game ! -

Again make sure to focus on pace... ball control, and continue to have an active off arm. If you miss the defenders hand? So what... keep trying. It’s a skill that you can’t afford NOT to have ! -

Who do you think uses their off - arm the best ? In college I go @traeyoung or @sav_shai2 ... NBA @kyrieirving
#Basketball #basketballtraining #basketballtrainer #trainer #workout #nba #kyrie #allstar #coachinf

Super dooper throwback. This was 3 years ago lol ! @jonisaac_01 - Magic @doob.13 - Colorado state - @rlhunteriv - Columbia . Time flies ‼️ #LoveTheProcess #Basketball #Basketballtraining #Basketballtrainer #Trainer #TBT

Did I get her anything today? No.... do I celebrate Valentine’s Day? No lol ... I think it’s dumb and all about money and pushed from corporations. That being said I still love my shawty. It’s just different with us! And if you been around us you know it ‼️‼️ #Valentines #sike #wife #wifeymaterial #loveandbasketball #shawtyyyy


Not enough players play hard. At any level I’m just being honest. Playing hard can be TAUGHT. We have to hold players accountable. No more just saying “good”to everything they do. Challenge them !! Kids are too soft. I’m just being honest. As trainers and coaches it’s up to us to change that and push them to be their best. If you love someone you will push them and correct their mistakes. It’s about love man forreal! “Proverbs 22:6 - 6 Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.”
Proverbs 12:1 “Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but whoever hates correction is stupid.” After my rant the last clip was the very next play. You can see the improvement. That’s what it’s about. Those things. 50-50 balls. Trying your best will translate to winning in life 🙏🏾. #Basketballtrainer #basketballtraining #trainer #life #wisdom #mentor #teacher #coach

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