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Katie Johnston  FreelanceWriter | MediaRelations | PR | VIP Tour Guide Be your unapologetic self. #writer #reader #freelancer #adventurer #wanderluster #goodtimer


My friend made a shirt for fellow Orlandoans (@swancityorlando) and my other friend opened a brewery (@orangecountybrewers)... today I thought I should share both with you. If you haven’t been by @orlandoshirts to check out their Orlando-themed collections, now is the time. (Esp since they carry #SwanCity) and if you haven’t had a beer flight at our new DT brewery, welp, you’ve been missing out. (#tbt to last Saturday). (Also this is my awkward pose because I honestly never know what to do with my hands, my face, my anything). #shamelesspromotions #myfriendsarecool #orlandothings #orlando #lakeeolaswans #gotjokes #punny

Here’s a #takemebacktuesday to enjoying a laughing fit with my Grandma Sasser. Just wanted to give her a shoutout so she knew I hadn’t forgotten about her up there. Nor have I forgotten the time she laughed so hard she spit fudge out of her mouth and onto her shirt.
Truth is, I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired lately, and it’s been weighing rather heavily on me. “Is this what happens when you get old? Am I losing my sense of adventure?” —� then I remember I am cut from the same cloth as this one was. My whole life will be made of adventure, both big and small. Wrinkles in time will become wrinkles around my eyes, and when I really get to thinking about it, it’s all the inspiration this girl needs. #life #makeitagoodone (thanks for the reminder today, Facebook. #onthisday)#sweethomealabama #grandparentsmakelifegrand

This nephew of mine has created a space in my heart that I never even knew existed. ❤️❤️❤️ #pumpkinpicking #pumpkinpatch #family

I think I might have missed #nationalboyfriendday but this guy is (almost) always right on time. #applepicking 🍏#appleofmyeye 🍎

What the world needs now is love, sweet love.... and a hug. ❤️😔 it's the only thing that there's just too little of. #vegas #tompetty #puertorico #virginislands #thekeys #florida #canada #france #icouldgoonandon

Often times in life I ask myself "am I doing this right?" "is this thing on?" 🎬🎤Whenever I find myself sitting around and having convos with self-doubt, I take a look at my life in pics and take stock of my memories, and then I realize, life is good. I've got most of the important stuff right (ish). The rest I will figure out in due time. ⏰ Love this friend of mine and am super thankful he always brings the party to any event. #tuesdaytruth #tuesdayfeels 💙#friendship

Happy birthday to one of my nearest & dearest -- we've been best friends for over a decade! I like few people who like tomatoes and steaks as much as she does. From Hard Rock Circle to Vegas to Australia to Nashville, there's pretty much nowhere I wouldn't go with you.

This is my "GET OFF THE BED" face. 🐶🙈 #TBT to this day last week in #Savannah in our non-pet-friendly hotel. We were midway through what was an almost 14-hour journey to the #QueenCity to babysit my nephews for the week, pre-#HurricaneIrma, when Luda decided that a king-size bed was perfect sleeping for his king-size heart. #puppylove #irmamadehimdoit

Went apple-picking the other day in the mountains of North Carolina. I think I picked a golden one. 🍎🍏 Love this little dude a bushel and a peck and am super happy I've been able to spend some quality time with him and the rest of the Kirby clan this week while my #Florida home was being battered and bruised by #hurricaneirma. #applepicking #family #loveyourlife #everyminuteofit ❤️ #visitnc

You know how when you love someone or something so much it hurts? (For a lot of my friends, it's their kids. For me, it's this furry fella). This guy has been giving me happy tears and sad tears for almost 14 years. FOURTEEN. I am a lucky girl, a true smitten kitten when it comes to this dude. #furtheloveofpups #myrideordie #pitbullsofinstagram #hesmixed #andfixed #sorryladies

Can't let the day conclude without saying happy birthday to this babe. While my style has been questionable throughout the early years, my friendship with you never was. So thankful for thirty years of friendship with you, and am looking forward to the next 60. 🙀❤️😘 #sistersfromothermisters #mybestbabes #smalltownusa #sweethomealabama #throwback #waybackwhen

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