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Akasha आकाश  🌪

A part of me is sick of everything, of existing, of growing. I am abundant but the struggle of being here on earth still weighs heavy. I feel more determined now than ever to follow my joy, but with that decision I am faced with all my shadows and it is a never ending process of unraveling. I know I am strong, but I don't always have to be strong. Every way that I am is okay, all my feelings are okay

🌹 adore u 🌹

Trying to accept my whole life and everything about myself / feeling things very deeply / more highly sensitive than usual / too in my head / isolation vs. connection / overwhelmed / ready for transmutation / beginning and end are One / impermanence / life is a Cosmic Joke

My self-expression has sucked in my life because I've only felt shit about myself and felt like I wasn't cool enough to wear the things I liked and wanted to wear. I've always wanted to look like a walking carpet so here I go allowing myself to BE THAT FUCKING CARPET #lifeisajoke #bye

When you got a whole lotta love in your heart and don't know what to do with it 🔥❤️🔥

Morning light

The world is full of magic

Counting my blessings

Feeling like a 🐥 in a 🦆 world

Everything around me is a reminder that everything is occurring as it should be, and it is up to me to be in tune with that. My heart and soul feel very full

Today was more beautiful than I can even stand :')

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