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Akasha 🌶  Flowing with, not against

Endless beginnings and ends

Day twenty-two on the road / self reflections / feeling ugly and tired and hopeful

I want to purge the idea that I am unlovable
Or that I am difficult to touch
That vulnerability is anything less full than its value, steep on wobbly rooftops
I want to emanate warmth in love
Breaths full of life, never hollow in hiding
I want to feel the stillness and peace mirrored back at me
I want to release the story I've created for myself that the world has made me hard
And instead create a world where I am free- I am, I am
My story is ever-changing and can be re-told
I want to follow where my feelings guide me
Grasp onto what I want to do, not what I should do
Flow with ease
Allow the resistance to fuel my desire to change and grow
I am loving, I give love, I receive love, I allow love to be there, I allow love to coexist with my demons
I create my sanctuary from the inside out

My life is my own for me to shift and mold, my reality a mirror of my intentions and choices. I have developed a new sense of inner peace, joy, and purpose through all the powerful decisions I've made for myself these past several months. Life is beautiful, rich, and good

Letting that shit GO

Driving yesterday through the back roads of Arizona 🌵

We've seen a lot of old historical towns but Jerome, nestled into rock cliffs in the middle of the desert, has been the one I've vibed with the most. We happened to show up on another day of heavy thunderstorming and we watched the clouds roll in from the widespread mountains in the distance. Remnants of old mining tools and machines everywhere, eerie buildings, unique and heavy energy- it was difficult to leave


Today we witnessed the most magnificent monsoon unfold in the distance of Cathedral Rock. Some of the most breathtaking light I've ever seen. All my struggles and challenges have led me here, to this very moment, and I couldn't be more grateful. Every day for me carries a certain heaviness but the energy of this place has left me feeling weightless

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