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Should I make/finish a clip pack?

I kind of recreated @myollife's shot. I added an extra nsl spin. (I guess it finally posted after 5 years haha)


Everyone's is hitting sick shots and then there's me :P hit with @sanjxh

I'm sorry for another window shot! It's the only shot I can actually hit at the moment :P

Happy Easter! (Hit with @unfreshen and @hiinumb)

Eh... My first on aw. I'm going to try and hit better shots don't worry.


Hit this clean shot for a 2v1 trickshot race with @yjrm and @unfreshen!

Sorry for billing u @7nthn! Hit with @khewwy and @7nthn.

Trickshot 1v1 versus @trickshot.midget!

First for the Task RC! Too bad it's a lefty :P @taskcubez @task.clutch @justice.polar

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