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Akahime  Coser of the (usually) obscured; energetic photog. video games, wuxia, koei warriors, mmorpg, & traveling is life. ♐ 30 | USA

Friday of Acen was a FMA day! I rarely return to any anime, tv series, video games, etc again to watch/play -FMA series is one of the exceptions. There are too many good characters and such a good storyline that never gets boring.

Both Lan Fan and Nina Kigurumi made by me, Lan Fan edits by me | all 3 photos taken by @pndanoodlez

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Thanks so much to everyone today. It went by way too fast. Gonna see if I last tonight and see if we can go get dinner lol maybe not. I want to see more people. We'll see.

Day 0 and day 1, completed! Not gonna lie, there were a lot of up and downs these 2 days. Gonna do my best to chill more and relax with my people and be as positive as I can be. Can't wait for more photoshoots!

Sorry I haven't been posting much! It's super cosplay crunch but I thought I share this. It's a Dynasty Warriors cosplay commission for a friend. It's not even for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm not done yet but so close!! welp, I guess I will keep a record if how much Koei Warriors cosplays I made so, cause this is the 4th. Planning 2 more, so this is going to be fun hahaha!!

I did a thing like this a few years ago. Thought I would just post another one since I've grown a lot and done some new things! I'm older now and going to less cons, so it means less cosplays to make, but that's ok too. I'm lucky to even able to still cosplay and enjoy it very much at this age. Just ignore all of the haters and negative people and you'll see the good of this community. It'll make you want to always cosplay. #cosplayervscosplay

We been trying to do a snowing photoshoot forever. Finally, by chance my sister was over and despite it being a snow storm, we went out anyways and took photos yesterday! The photos are based on the story of the White-Haired Bride.

Photog: @cerulian.artist
Edits by me!

Hi all, I'm usually about the aesthetics. That's my thing. πŸ“ΈπŸ“Έ Cosplayer (+ extra retouches): @sillyjuliebou
Photog (+ the main edits): akahimechan

overall, this photo was hard to fix the colors because I didn't want to ruin the bg. The windows were made of glass that changes color depending where we stood and how the light were hitting it (made by 3M). And because of that, the skin color was incredibly pink/magenta/violet, so there was a lot of color adjusting without trying to lose the original color. This photoset was a great learning experience! #landofthelustrous #landofthelustrouscosplay #landofthelustrousdiamond

Almost never do I attempt any special Photoshop edits, but I had an idea, suggested it - might as well edit them lol each of these took 1 hour (or more lol) for me to feel like they were good and I done all I could for someone with noob skills levels like myself πŸ˜… the whole photoset took me over 10 hours πŸ˜‚ one of my last free photoshoots. Sharing this because I think they look nice lol

Cosplayers are tagged! For some reason Instagram didn't want me to tag @the.kendragon as Tenko so I'm putting it here. Check them out!

Photos shot and edited by me at #animedetour #danganronpa #danganronpav3 #danganronpacosplay

Cosplayer: @unacosplayer
Photog/edits: akahimechan

Just posted the full version of this image on my fb page! Can't believe how big I leave these images in. πŸ˜‚ no wonder my Google drive and drop box is always running out of space!! #overwatch #overwatchcosplay #mercyoverwatch #mercycosplay #combatmediczieglercosplay #combatmedicziegler

(Lol had to resubmit this) What a wonderful end to my day (actually gotta eat first and come back to see if I can still karaoke, probably not lol )

I CAN'T BELIEVE ITS BEEN A WHOLE YEAR, PERSONA 5!! Where has the time gone? I still have to make at least one of Haru's school uniform. I still got the specific patterned fabric for her school skirt sitting for me to sew LOL OMGOSH I also gotta finish my second playthrough but Dynasty Warriors 9 and DW8 Empires literally has taken up all of my time πŸ˜‚ oh well!

Credit for the vid to my friend Phao recorded a slowmo when @pndanoodlez was taking my Haru photos at katsucon 2018. My hat kept trying to fly, it was hard. πŸ˜‚ #persona5noircosplay #persona5 #persona5cosplay #haruokumura

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