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tyrone "ty" shakur †
20. 6'4". carson kisser #01. alcoholic & smoker. midnight toker. "dont do school, stay in drugs." doesn't like small minded people. atheist & will preach (ironically) about it. depressed but it's all good. blunt & straight to the point. knife kink. a bit rude. isn't good with emotions. always looking for a good time.

(im crying at the cringe of this intro yall-) evan chagrin [shuh-green] 🍓
19 ` switch ` addie lover #14 ` anger issues & crybaby ` sweetheart when he wants to be ` song writer ` weird obsession with death , open sores & has gross kinks ` hopeless romantic ` ed sheeran, ahs & fuller house stan ` mature for his age ` only fear is cops .

ambriella lanarez †
18 y/o. a single mommy. gender roles? idk her. sweetheart! future veterinarian. "she calls me mommy but i ain't her motherfuckin mother" kodak black ; khalid & ski mask enthusiast. has 0 friends & prefers to make some.

julian "jules" devereaux [deh-verr-oh]
17. gay boy. jungkook's baby #31. spontaneous. naive. lil sub. plays the guitar & sings!! very lovable n squishy. animals !! likes to laugh. future astrologist. pretty feminine. lgbt + women's rights activist. not v sexual. or whatever

gabrielle "gabi" deveraux !!
21. switch. carries alcohol like water. blunts are her best friend. a hornball. in love w a teddy bear #18 👅[@_boys.girl]. doesn't care about gender. nicki minaj stan. 'you're not a fat ass, ya have a fat ass.' rather be sleeping. makeup finatic, or whatever.

` jace bower `
21 ` kisses whatever ` quiet & blunt ` friendly but not social ` bad at flirting ` virgin outside of getting head ` "water slide? more like suicide" ` weird kinks that're undiscovered ` actually doesn't know what a kink is ` stans french toast & 6ix9ine ` needs friends and somebody to give head to.

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