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Curt Curtis  •lost in grace •gvsu 20' •nursing student

mountains disrupt the illusion that life is all about us

Is it summer yet?

These, right here, are some extraordinary people and anyone would benefit from their presence. I love each of them with my whole heart.
Giving thanks is not just seasonal—it is constant and ongoing...
Nikki, thank you for showing me that it's okay to not be okay. You have given me permission to embrace my brokenness and reach to Jesus for forgiveness. Your passion for the gospel inspires others to dive deeper—it has with me. Also, your taste in music is fire. .
Tanner, my go-to man for advice—thank you for showing me how to be intensional and ask good questions. The way you seek people out is so Christ-like, so admirable. You've shown me what it's like to live a John 10:10 life. .
Shawna, thank you for teaching and showing me what hospitality truly is. God has given you such a valuable gift: your presence is peaceful. You make anyone feel like they are a guest in public spaces... that's too freakin cool. You have an inner joy that's contagious—your greatest evangelism tool.
Very thankful😌

You're a blessing from the Lord and I am thankful❤️

Chandler Biggs. What a guy. It's his birthday! If you ever get a chance to meet him, you're lucky. If you ever get to know him, you're blessed. If you ever get to learn from him, you're better off. If you ever get to adventure with him, your limits will be stretched. If you ever get to see the passion behind who he is, you'll be inspired. If you ever get to read the Word with him, you'll be a better man or woman of God.

Chan, happy birthday brother. Thank you for showing me what it means to live a life worth living. It's because of you that I'm lucky, blessed, better off, my limits have been stretched, inspired, and a better man of God. Have a great day my dude

To say I'm excited for the season would be an understatement🏂
PC: @hellengp

Music is therapy for both the musician and the listener. Thank you Lord for tunes and talented humans☺️

If I even look half as good in this dress as she would... that's a win.

#didntloseodds #winning #sturt #casey

Costume creds: @michael__cuevas

Our band name would be 50 Shades of Cereal Killers

I've found a new favorite summer hobby! "Waterfalling" —This is my playground😌
📷: @nikkirakestraw

Even if Google maps is outdated...
(telling us we were at the beach when we were actually at a swamp)
the friends never are [o]: @fischergenau

Sometimes you gotta stop and remember what it's like to just be

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