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Aniica  Having a positive mind will bring you a far way 😴.

Look at this beauty with brains. Only 2 years old, yet she's just clicking. Congrats to my sister in the great job you're doing. Continue with this one, I see a future Rhode scholar right here. #beautywithbrains#

Anyone who truly knows me, knows the struggles I underwent a couple of years ago. I'm proud of who I've become. It was through a lot of tears, sleepless paranoid nights and prayers that I can strongly and safely say today , I'm better. I'm not where I want to be, yet the Lord has brought me this far. I constantly pray for His continued hand working through in my life. #ivecomethisfarbyfaith#

This is my diva daughter. It's her birthday today. I am exceptionally proud of the woman you are becoming. Continue being the hard working and driven young woman you are. #jamaicasnexttopchef#

My very first trial at making body butter. It turned out well. It also smells great. You know who's gonna try it again.

I can't believe how young and naive I was then. At that stage of my life I was undergoing some serious internal turmoils. With God's help and his constant grace I overcame most of which. Didn't graduate at the too of my class, butlers I graduated. This was many, many moons ago. By his grace, love come this far. He's not finished with me yet. #he'sstillworkingonme#

My creation. Soon on the market.

One daughter, graduation and ball

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