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  Forget e'm, don't save them Let them boys drown if they don't float guess they weren't made for it

There’s some one right now looking for there Lebron
And I’m out here looking for some like a lepracon
You know they say the grim reaper comes in three ways
I’m next in line
And I lost a best friend for the 2nd time
You just don’t understand
You say you can’t understand, I said it right but you just misunderstood
Just a couple more lies I hear come out of there mouths and I’m done for good
Like how Easy sold 1 million records and came out the hood
It’s a kold world
Everybody need a hood

Back in those days
I didn’t and still don’t care what people say
I admit it
For my life I’ve been wanting a rolls Royce and I’m not sure ima get it
I’ve been working hard all summer and I get no trophy or no mutherfucking ribbon
My ex’s in the hallways holding hands in front of me or with there bsf like you gotta move
Give me some room
Yah you gotta hatch and I gotta coupe
Don’t be talking shit cuz I throw punches I don’t shoot
U know I’m only here to play the ball
The fake ones I’m turning my back to you all
Your friends talking shit and your whole team sucking
Yah your favorite rappers new album astroworld and STOOPID just went platinum and that means nothing
I don’t fuck with you guys, when I’m on the field everything is mine
I’m always on the grind, yah I’m single just hit her from behind
I’m hungry so don’t cut in front of me just get in line
Toni knows I ain’t no gangster, but I make more paper
My silver cross burns me and turns me into a blazer
Don’t sweat in gym class cuz the Chopper got a heat sensor
And yes I remember when your neighbor almost choked
Lotta people go crazy cuz all they do is coke
So yes your right cuz I have never smoked
Just know that when I die I’m going to be remembered as under dog cuz I was the only hope
I’ve gone down the wrong path with wrong people and in class I sat in the wrong row
Green grass, green poison snakes in my school that’s why every weekend I keep my lawn mowed 😫

All of your people miss you
Because your like one of those artists
The artists that were the best
Goodbye @macmiller
We will always remember you 🙏🏽 🕊

Shooting range 💣


This would've been the dirtbike but its wrecked
Since the last time i used it😒😒

I can't believe i found a baby picture of meeee!!!😭😭😭

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