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Important notice to all Prospective Corp Members from @officialnyscng

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FG Enrols #NYSC Members Into #NHIS
The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has said the Federal Government has enrolled corps members into the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS).
Kazaure said NYSC had established partnership with consultants from the Federal Ministry of Health to ensure the corps members key into the scheme.

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has uploaded the list of all approved institutions for the 2018 Batch C mobilization.

All prospective corps members (2018 Batch ‘C’) are hereby notified that they can now check the Senate / Academic Board approved mobilization list of their various institutions on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) portal for free.
See details on how to check the list below.

Go to NYSC Senate / Academic Board list portal at 

Select your Institution.

Supply your Matriculation Number and Surname in the required columns.

Select your date of birth.

Finally, click the ‘SEARCH’ button to access your mobilization status.

Please note that the uploading of names is still ongoing. According to the mobilization timetable, uploading of names will end on 30th September, 2018.

If your name is yet to be uploaded on the portal, your school might still be in the process of uploading, so you can keep checking back. However, any complaints should be directed to your institution without delay.

Source: NGScholars

Episode 6...
Rehearsals upon rehearsals cut short the time to mingle with other corp members but I was in a whole new world of big bold and beautiful girls, that's where I meet Nicole, she was like twice my size and had a very prettily-cute face, the first time we had a chat, we connected, as if we have been friends all our lives....She was one of the best actress I have seen in real life, there was a time we didn't want to stand on the parade ground, we opted to go to the clinic for diagnosis with the claim that we were indisposed, so I wrapped my arms around her waist and began moving off the parade ground, the incessant sound of the whistle by the soldiers calling for us to halt didn't deter our determination to leave the sacred ground....
During our first appearance in our white fowl outfit, we had to dance, I danced like it was my birthday and also made sure my ginger rubbed off on Nicole's lazy ass too.....continue reading via link in the bio

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BREAKING: NYSC commences 2018 Batch 'C' Pre-Mobilization workshop in Enugu
The workshop that is ongoing in Enugu state will serve as an avenue for the NYSC and other key stakeholders to make a post-mortem of the previous Mobilization exercises, and proffer ideas for a seamless process of Mobilizing Prospective Corps Members of the 2018 Batch 'C'.
Batch C registration portal will open from Saturday, 6th October to Monday, 15th October, 2018, whilst the orientation course will commence from Wednesday, 24th October to Tuesday, 13th November 2018.

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Episode 5....
All camp activities were in full swing, meanwhile each of the platoons were to elect their executives, I have never headed a political position before, but on camp here.........I came out for the position of Secretary of the platoon, I was eager to taste what it felt like to be voted for....
My first bestie in the room was Amanda and she was a picture freak, but I had to cast my net in order to catch new paddies and luckily I found one, with a twisted plot, she was on the same bus I boarded from Benin to Port Harcourt, she was very quiet on the bus......I became friends with Sama too.

The plot got twisted when my platoon gave me the pageantry form for Miss Big, Bold and Beautiful, I almost fainted.

Continue reading with link in bio.... #MitchysDiary #NYSCSeries #RiversCamp #NYSCExperience

Episode 4......
Chai! SAED oooh….SAED is ‎the skill acquisition program for corp members in camp and by extension, all Nigerian youths. Well, it sounded like a wonderful program until we got to the hall and it was as if the holy ghost fell upon us in form of sleep, looking to my left, everyone was fast asleep, to my right, everyone was so deep in sleep, I didn’t even bother to check on those at my back because I already knew the sleeping miracle would have reached there and to add to the testimony, the trainer’s voices was like a bobby trap luring us in deeper and deeper........continue reading with link in bio 👆

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Regrann from @officialnyscng - 2018 Batch "C" Mobilization Time-Table

Episode 3.....
Registration and Swearing in were the next point of doings, I couldn’t wait to be called an actual corp member not a prospective corp member as we were referred to.

We were to complete our registration and get the NYSC kits, while we were doing registration online, we were asked to upload our body sizes and unfortunately those details were not used at all,because my kits was like one meant for someone half my size.....continue reading with link in bio

#NYSCSeries #MitchysDiary

Episode 2........ The sound of the whistle at 5am was an unwelcomed interruption to my sleep, I blink-open my eyes and saw many white angels with two protruding oranges and asses only to discover it was my fellow corp members dressed in their white on white attire and I was still on bed, not started with the day already.
As I was dressing up after the first-ever marathon shower I have had since I was born, the soldier kept on with the monologue in a very thick Hausa-Pidgin accent stating, ‘how lazy I was, how my mates have gone out before me’. We had to stand as if we were at a Holy Ghost congress convention through the process and the chants of the camp commandant with the response from the prospective corp members (PCMs) was just increasing the incessant pain I felt in my head, I was just massaging my temples like someone being nursed out of a concussion.
Meanwhile, my lower stomach was churning, and I was becoming too uncomfortable with the recurring process, hope it’s not what I think it is, my…… Follow link in bio to continue reading #MitchysDiary #NYSCSeries #NYSCExperience #nysc #nysccamp #RiversCamp

You know the fear that grips you when you're about to get posted for the NYSC scheme, especially regards the state you wish to be posted for, I got to know the fear first hand and the feeling was all shades of wonderful and exhausting.

Follow my story #MitchysDiary #NYSCSeries with the link on the bio
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Happy weekend and new month to all Ajuwayas and the otondos that are resting after the morning devotions and drills in camp.

To all the corp members that have started countdown to POP, was NYSC everything you hoped for?! To all the corp members that just concluded the orientation, hope the camp experience wasn't so bad?! To all the @davidoofficial set corp members, hope camp experience hasn't shake your resolve?! #NYSCSeries Alert! Starting from tomorrow, @mitch_clarida will be sharing her ongoing camp experience with us on this platform through a series titled #MitchysDiary #NYSCSeries.

We do hope, you'll be looking forward to it, just as we're in sharing your #NYSCExperience to a larger audience. Enjoy!

Once again, Happy weekend and new month!


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