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Jun (they/them)  ♐️♈️♏️🌘qnb/1stGen🇯🇵>MN>OR Tattoo @constellationtattoo Inquiries read website!🌟 Anxious-slowpoke/Sharing one perspective of the POC experience

Butterfly and rabbit 🐇 to represent parents, pear blossoms for husband and lavenders 🌸 sweet representation for Angeline! Thank you so much 💕 @divingswallowtattoo

Discworld!!! Thank you Justine for such a fun project and coming back for more tattoos 💗 done at @divingswallowtattoo

Trapper-crane, one of my favorite flash pieces! Placement is exactly where I imagined/hoped it would be, thank you so much for your support and trust, Jax 💕 you’re awesome @knucklefists done at @divingswallowtattoo

Snake with jacaranda branch + flowers 💐 for Mandy! Thank you!! @divingswallowtattoo

Nausicaa of the Wind inspired piece, based on the toxic forest. Thank you Najla!! @divingswallowtattoo

Falling crow with bleeding heart, nasturtium, vine, and poppies, bases off of an illustration I did on a Scout Book (if anyone remember that from last year!) thank you so much for the fun project and great conversation Vero, done at @divingswallowtattoo

Ophelia’s bouquet, with fennel, columbine, pansy, daisies, rue, and rosemary. Thank you Emma for your trust with your #firsttattoo ✨ (and the cookies) done at @divingswallowtattoo

Lil ginger root with moon! Thank you @an_phn 💕 done at @divingswallowtattoo

Lil mushroom runner flash piece 🍄💨 thank you Carrie! @constellationtattoo

Chrysanthemum cat flash piece! Modeled after real cat who passed away young 💗 thank you Angie! @constellationtattoo

This was a custom piece from earlier this year! About healing and nurture after a string of heartbreaking dramatic events, for Sofija, thank you so much for trusting me with another personal tattoo! 💗 @constellationtattoo

Daffodil blooming from egg - flash piece! Thank you so much November 💗 @constellationtattoo

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