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A. Junko Osaki (Jun/they-them)  πŸ’…πŸ½Making your nice bits nicer ✨WORK INFO@ www.skinpapercloth.com Taking custom requests in JANUARY! Join email list to get notified πŸ’Œ


Third fox of the week! 🦊 this one is surrounded by succulents, ferns🌿, cacti🌡, budding marijuana🌱, and blackberries ~ done at @powelltattoos

Variation of the last post, growing spine fox flash, on a different person! Done at @powelltattoos

Growing spine fox flash piece! Can’t get enough of funky canine creatures 🦊

Skully rabbit πŸ‡ freehanded - which means drawn right on the body with a marker day of, then tattooed! I’ll be looking for more projects like this (bigger) next year!
Done at @divingswallowtattoo and next to a healed piece by @louisbrengard

Freehanded chest piece finished at @divingswallowtattoo when I was there a couple weekends ago! 🌟 stoked to be heading up to Portland this weekend, I’ve got some cool projects lined up πŸ’—

Interpretation of Seraphim, with healed Baphomet on opposite side (swipe!) done at @divingswallowtattoo

EDIT: Portland is all booked for Dec, thanks ya’ll!

Healed Pelican messengers from over a year ago! Done in MN, seen in CA πŸ’—
IMPORTANT WORK INFO (not just my feels): I will be opening my custom requests at the beginning of the new year! I will be choosing specific projects around what I believe in+want to do ~ if I choose your project you will get tattooed at some point in the same year. This is how I will be doing custom commissions moving forward. If you want to get notified when I open my customs, sign up for the email list on my website!!!! (Link in bio)
I will also be releasing some flash and annoucing some last minute Portland dates in the next day or two! Stay tuned 🌟

Eyeball donut and crystal donut 🍩 flash pieces for a friend :) done at @divingswallowtattoo

Freehanded bird added onto existing DNA strand (not by me). Hanging out at @divingswallowtattoo this weekend! Well, I’ve been here for a few days now and I love it when life sweeps me away from the internet (like brb tryna have a good time in this existence hell).
I have no openings for this weekend, but will soon be opening my yearly custom requests at the beginning of the New Year! If you want in on it, get on my mailing list on my website (link in bio)!

Morning glory pouch with snake flash piece! Done on my summer travels 🐍

I came home from Nola a few days ago, a place I had not seen in 9 years, with new experiences and feelings that created a major shift within me. Contributions to this shift was connecting to incredible new+old humans who strive for a higher standard in what it means to love and be loved. I even saw evidence in art of others striving for similar things at @studio_be_ curated by @bmike2c (of which this photo was taken at my favorite place in the gallery! If you are ever in New Orleans, please visit this amazing space).
When I landed in OR, I received a sweet text from a new friend in Portland, who expressed unconditional support and kindness. When I got home, I received a package from an old friend who decided to say goodbye out of the blue. The contrast in events was shocking. This was painful and angering, particularly after continually attempting to have conversations with this person for the last year, support them thru their own thick and thin.. and in the end to be told I wasn't a good enough friend. I cried a lot at first feeling despair and confusion as to why a person would treat me this way. I'm smart enough to know people act out from their own pain. So I also cried in joy from freedom in knowing that I AM capable and deserving of love, that there are people who will return the respect+love I give quite freely (I've been shown that in the past couple months).
For the first time in a while, I am confidently able to say that I'm excited for life and the future, and that I am ready to FUCKING LIVE!!!! I'm ready to love the fuck out of life and continue to prove that. That means not giving up on those who have given up on me (with certain respectful boundaries and time). I would not be here today if I did not have people who never gave up on me. You know who you are, and I love you πŸ’— Pay attention to those kinds of people and love them close.

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