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There was a terrible land slide some time ago and the lake rose by several meters. Now the street, houses and trees are under water. Luckily China invested a lot of money to build a tunnel around this mountain lake but for some time all cars and bikes needed to be transported by ship from one side to the other.

Hunza village along the Karakurma Highway in North Pakistan.

What a color this river has!

These montains in North Pakistan are really beautiful.

If you have the option to take a 90 second ride with this gondola cableway or walk 1,5 hours down and up again. What would you do?

What a nice place for a market.

Overlanding in Pakistan can be frustrating. Sometimes you drive down a street with no way to make any turns and after 100km you get stopped and told that you can't go any further and have to drive back the 100km because you are not allowed here. This happened twice already!

The moment when you have to ask yourself if you want to eat this or better go to a different place.

We finally made it to the mountains 😍 Pakistan is so beautiful!

In Baluchistan there are countless checkpoints were you have to registrate in a big book. Sometimes these checkpoints are in the middle of nowhere, like here. Two man live in this hut and register every person crossing the street.

Funny thing. Because Baluchistan is so dangerous the government is not sending any petrol or diesel in the area anymore. The result: the stuff gets smuggled in pickup trucks from Iran (were fuel is almost free) over the desert. So you see a gas station here 😉

In this part of Pakistan there have been several kidnappings a couple of years ago so the Pakistan government is making sure nothing is happening to us. We where escorted by two guys with machine guns in a pickup and one driver. Its a bit annoying because we can't drive the speed we would like and can't stop for a break if we have to but our security is most important.

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