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Amber Liu 刘逸云  What The Pineapple® 🍍 ROGUE ROUGE MIXTAPE OUT on Soundcloud! Business Inquiries: jk@steelwoolentertainment.com

Grown ups play dress up too sometimes + bathroom selfie cuz we dont give af 😝
성인들도 분장놀이합니다 + 화장실 셀카 추가. 우리 자유로운 영혼들이니까 메롱~~
大人也会玩化妆游戏 + 洗手间自拍. 因为我们是自由精神 👾

for a long time people made me feel ashamed of my body. then i became ashamed of my body. people wanted me to be weak because thats what a girl "should" be like. i threw away my ambitions and goals. well, i'm not that person anymore. I will always continue to work hard, become stronger, and learn to love myself for who i am, imperfections and all.
오랜 시간 동안 저는 다른 사람들의 편견들로 인해 제 몸을 챙피하다고 여겼어요. 점점 제 몸에 대한 자신감도 잃게 만들었구요. 여자라는 이유만으로 사람들은 제가 연약해야 된다고 생각했기 때문에 제 자신의 야심과 목표를 포기해왔는데, 더 이상 저는 그런 사람이 아니에요. 항상 더 열심히 하고 더 강해지고 이런 제 자신을 사랑할 줄 아는 사람이 될거에요. 완벽 하지 않아도. #nikewomen

Sister day^^ Q&A/AMA TIME! Comment whatever your burning heart desires 🔥💜 @dimenails_la

When you live in Seoul, you give a billion percent. I have a burning fire that pushes me constantly. No matter how much I might want to stop. That’s just the kind of person I’ve become.”
"서울에서 산 다는 건 몇 천 배의 힘이 필요한 일이에요. 나를 끊임없이 밀어붙이고 불태워야 하죠. 제가 멈추고 싶어도 더 이상은 멈출 수가 없어요. 이게 지금의 ‘나’거든요.
#감출수없는강인함 #unstoppablepower #nikewomen @nikewomen

Seoul made me who I am today, and that person is unstoppable. Never give up.
서울살면서 알게된 나란 사람은 아무도 막을 수 없을 만큼 강인하다. 포기하지말자.
#감출수없는강인함 #unstoppablepower #nikewomen

New adventures to come with @wearesteelwool in the US! Check out my exclusive interview at @forbes LINK IN BIO
📸: @stefaniemichova @michovasfilm
Always big love for my sister Stefanie. Love you for your amazing talent and support 💜

Awkward selfie of the day!
오늘의 어색한 셀가

Speed training. [work in progress]
속도 연습!
@speedburners @mikebowshow

Our friendship summarized into one screenshot.
Emily, Denetra & I talked about diets, health and self love. CHECK IT OUT ON EMILY’s CHANNEL!!!

If zoolander drank coke..

Keone & Mari have done it again and blessed us with their amazing vision, RUTH. The story, the dancing, and THE METAPHORS... seriously amazing work. Please support their dance book, RUTH. Its a freaking experience, serious ✌️BUY IT, DOWNLOAD IT, AND READ IT (+watch it) A BILLION TIMES!!
please 😛

Babies only like me for my nose ring.
애기들 내 코컬이만 좋아하네.

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