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“We don’t have time for you” Every year, I would stay at home for weeks because nothing was “coming in.” Instead of waiting, for the past 5 years I’ve been writing my own songs, making my own albums, producing, directing, and/or editing my videos, making concepts and styling, writing proposals and presenting marketing plans, and even looking for my own jobs, all so that I could do what I love for my fans. Even after 5 years, I’m given the same answer. They still tell me I’m not good enough. What more do I have to do?

I've given my everything. I tried to work things out. Whether it be the creative or business, I’ve been doing everything myself for years so I can keep myself afloat. But in the end, I’m continuously neglected, hurt, and taken advantage of. I’ve been patient… the fans have been extremely patient and I can’t take it anymore just sitting around, waiting, being constantly rejected and given false hope. I’m so tired mentally and physically and this is where I draw the line. No more.

Thank you for loving me.
사랑해줘서 고마워요.

Losing my mind.
정신 잃음.
📸: @miezekatzephoto

Sleeping with the lions
사자랑 잠꾸러기 ㅋ

Miss these two.
보고싶다 내 아들 내 딸.

Got my ears~
귀 드뎌 받았음~
@heyjoychoyyays2 thanks!

Being "flashy" "프래쉬"하게

Got a new guitar. #humanlarva
새로운 기타ㅋㅋ

"Revolution In Live" @nikewomen

Mr. Taco Man vs. the LLAMA
타코맨님 vs. 라마님
📸: @_janetyk

Snuggle snuggle~

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