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Happy 68th birthday to my hero, friend, icon and most importantly father. He is absolutely the greatest dad in the world and my sibling and I are truly blessed to have him as our patriarch. We pray and hope for many more years of laughing, smiling, joking, wisdom and sound advice. May Allah keep protecting you

Up the hills of Msoga... Taking a walk through the land and light exercise #msogaulaya

I would like to thanks everyone who showed their support during this very difficult time. The last couple of days have been filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Having laid our grand father to rest today, I now have time to reflect on what an amazing man he was and a true role model in the way he carried himself and lived his life.
I shall always remember all the great stories about your youth you shared with me. I remember you telling me stories on how you enjoyed your life as a sailor travelling and living in different parts of the world. I remember how I use to think of them as fibs.
We are grateful that Allah granted you a long full life because 107 years is no joke old man. We pray that Allah will grant you Jannatul Firdaus. You shall forever be missed Rashid Yusuf Ali Mkwachu. 1911- 19/07/2018
Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi rajioun.

Happy birthday lil bro.
This is always the hardest day on the calendar for me. I am always thinking what we would have done on a day like this. Would be be planning what kind of birthday party to throw you or would be just be chilling. All in all, it would have been an awesome day.
I can't believe you would have been turning 25 today and with that comes the realization that it's been almost 7 years since you left us but the void you left can't never be filled.
May Allah grant you Jannatul Firdaus
We miss you terribly my lil bro
We love you immensely Rashid

Congrats uncle Yusuf and your beautiful bride on your nuptial. May Allah bless you both as you begin this new chapter of your lives.

This is one way to show how time flies and embarrass your lil brother @rashidjk at the same time circa 2011....😂😂😂 #wajukuuwabintijumbe #wajukuuwabintishariff #TbT

On this day, many a moon ago, I was born. Alhamdulillah, I am seeing yet another year pass by as I get older and hopefully wiser. The great honour I have of drawing breath is one that isn't lost on me. Without Allah none of this would be possible.
I would like to thank my parents and my family for the love and support they have always given me through the years of growing up and generally annoying them. They have been the foundation and corner stone of my life.
Congratulations mum and dad. I know its the day i was born but it is the day to celebrate you.
I love you dearly.

Happy New Year people..... let's all take this year by the horns. Nothing should hold us back, take every challenge as an opportunity to learn and whenever you stumble, just know you need to pick yourself up and move forward. #msogaulaya #msoga2017 #msoga2018

Happy birthday to the queen, the matriarch of our family. Our guardian Angel, our north star and our shinning light. Hope we make you as proud to be our mother as we are proud to be your children.. May you live to be 100 mpaka uone vitukuu vyako. In sha Allah

Today is a very special and unique day 7/10/17 when written from left to right and right to left you get the same exact date.
Happy birthday old man, my role model, my hero, my friend. May you have many more years to impart your wisdom and love.
Love you dad.

When you and your old man wear the same shirt... #SARESAREMAUA #wakwere

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