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Ash Istria  Wrestler / troll Next @WrestleRampage event St. Claire Rec Centre - May 6th - Tickets -www.wrestlerampage.com

Thanks for the birthday love.
I'm certainly not sitting where I thought I'd be. I'm certainly not going where I thought I'd go.

But along the way I have picked up the most amazing people in the world in my life and this time next year I should have some wild grizzled stories to tell.

Alright wrestling promoter's, time for a heart to heart.

Over the years I have seen you all blow your money on some seriously stupid shit. I mean seriously, what are smoking half the time?

Which is why I need you all to take me deadpan serious for a minute and spark one up of whatever you're having!

Former UFC fighters @stephanbonnar and @philbaroni_nyba are now taking Pro Wrestling bookings.

Now, if you're going to blow a few quid, why not blow it on these two against the only two people in the country who have proven in several countries they are willing to bang on with anyone world wide and laugh about it.

No fear, no regrats.

Will Stephan awkwardly reveal under a mask that @hartleyjackson has been training with him? Will Phil block me from instagram thinking I'm taking the piss?

Who knows! This needs to happen!
Phil Baroni and Stephan Bonnar vs. @ajistria and @jonah_rock
Let's go!

#prowrestling #ufc #wrestlerampage #noah_ghc #zero1 #WNC

Tonight we were asked if we were brother's. Sometimes, I honestly forget we technically aren't.

Looking forward to starching a few scrubs with some new techniques near and far.. Real soon... #coach #jiujitsu #fosterknows #prowrestling #wrestlerampage #wrestlerampagedojo #10p4l #thegrapplingclub #wrestling #family #graystar

Cat loves wallet

My father and myself have an interesting relationship. After not seeing each other or speaking on the phone for 6 months since I last left Brisbane (nothing bad, just how we are), I asked how he has been.

He didn't respond to the question as much as he told me all about this pasta he had the other night.

I understand why, this place was delicious!

Good old catchups and laughs with my 2015 homies!

♥ - thanks for coming

This billboard would be the perfect complimentary advertisement next to the old blunt, "want longer lasting sex?" advertisements.

10 things I hate about @robbyheartbaby - Happy Birthday.
I hate the way you talk to me
And your malting hair
I hate the way you avoid the dojo
Routine bro? C'mon man, do you even care?

I hate how you leave the toilet roll on top of the empty one
And thinking taking my spinach, I wouldn't mind.
I hate you so much that it makes me sick
It even makes me rhyme
I hate the way you took Link's Shaker
Or wishing Jag would die.
Disgusting, disgraceful, it wasn't that bad!
These responses make me cry.

I hate the way at the gym you ditch me and Jerm Halz,
And the fact that you didn't call.

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

After controversially instructing me to place a maximum bet of ONE DOLLAR (AUD) on Romania in the Eurovision contest @carlinbudd has officially completed the supplementary double down bet of buying me a ONE DOLLAR slurpie if they lost.

This slurpie should hopefully clean the foul taste out of my mouth from that yodelling and rapping mess.

When your ex be creeping on you with your new (old) gym partner... You made your choice to be inadequate @jonah_rock

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