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  Wrestler / troll Next @WrestleRampage event St. Claire Rec Centre - May 6th - Tickets -www.wrestlerampage.com

No one fights like Istria
Looks good in tights like Istria
In a wrestling match Jonah won't beat Istria!

For there's no one as surly and lonely
As you see I've got biceps to spare... Not a bit of him's scraggly or scrawny
That's right!
And ev'ry last inch of me's covered with hair... No one hits like Istria
Matches wits like Istria
They're going to display pure violence on May 6th - Jonah vs. Istria

I'm going to drop my balls on Jonah's head.
My what a guy! Istria!

@wrestlerampage presents "Revolution& #34; - @jonah_rock 10th anniversary match - May 6th - St Clair Rec Centre - Tickets available NOW from www.wrestlerampage.com

Oh yeah. That's what you get! Part 2!

Oh yeah! That's what they get!

Hey all, just a PSA to say that having a substance called Crack(3d) at 7:30pm is detrimental to a good night's sleep.

You are welcome for this handy advice. Now, what are these fairies above my shoulders telling me?

#supplementwarfare #wrestling #wrestlerampage
Wrestle Rampage presents Revolution - May 6th - St Clair Rec Centre - Tickets available from www.wrestlerampage.com

May 6th in Adelaide, SA, for @wrestlerampage I'll be undersized, over powered and walking into a ring surrounded by 400+ people likely screaming, "Jonah& #39;s gonna kill you," to which my good brother will happily oblige. Thanks for the ongoing support my new found friends!

It sure is one bizarre way to try to finish off a dream.

Here's some early training footage of me at the gym the other night. @jonah_rock is over 300 pounds. Uh oh.

I also almost vomited here, can you pick out where?

Wrestle Rampage presents Revolution - May 6th - St Clair Rec Centre - Tickets available from www.wrestlerampage.com


Potentially the most important phrase of Spanish I'll ever learn!

Realistic meal prep...

The greatest thing I'll ever individually achieve in Australian wrestling will happen May 6th at @wrestlerampage Revolution when I take on @jonah_rock for the Australian National Heavyweight Championship.

The second greatest thing will always be dumping @robbyheartbaby for my own sick amusement whenever I get a chance.

Much love for the support and/or hate last night Adelaide. I know I'm not leaving May 6th in one piece, but neither will he. :):):):)

In just over 24 hours time, old Istria returns to put his special brand of beautiful violence on display in a crazy three man war.

I'm pretty used to people trying to blind side me at this point. Here's what happened to the last pair of silly duffers that tried!

Come along, grab a beverage or 10 and be entertained as I hurt other people for my own selfish aspirations and amusement.

@wrestlerampage presents: Moment of Truth - SATURDAY 25th February - St Clair Rec Centre - General Admission Tickets available at the door.

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Take the wins in life where you can!

I haven't shared many life pictures in a while, especially of Adelaide. Well here is an iconic watering hole in Torrensville! A must see for any Adelaide visitor! Only the finest at this standing room only location. Must adhere to dress and liquor code.

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