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Ajira Darch  Portrait maker. Ice cream lover. Obsessed with bellies, birth and babies. 😍

Let’s play a game... 🎳
Take stock, right this second, of 3 things you’re grateful for. Feel free to elaborate, or keep it super simple. 📝
I’m staying simple, because I think this list speaks for itself: I say fresh cotton sheets, sun kissed skin and that special weariness that comes only from playing in the sun and the water all afternoon... ☀️ It doesn’t matter how big or little, share your list in the comments below!

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There’s so much to love about what I get to do. Helping someone realize their vision or see themselves as they are, documenting a special moment in their lives... it’s all so beautiful and precious and I am so grateful. 🙌🏾 I am especially grateful in this moment, to my aunt Carol (who passed some years ago) who was the first person who told me that I should make a living taking portraits, that people would pay me to take the pictures I took of them. 📷
She was always able to see me and encourage me and support my artistry in a way that really inspires and propels me to keep going with it no matter what. 🌟
There’s so much joy that this path has brought me and today I am so very thankful. 🙏🏾 #30daysofsc #ajiradarchphotography

It’s #nationalbestfriendday and I’ve always been one to celebrate the idea of the more, the merrier.
I grew up all over the world and was lucky enough to have a best friend for every country we lived in PLUS another three I took around with me to each one.
Or they followed me, you’d have to ask my parents to be sure. Ha! Seriously though, I’m so grateful for the friendships I’ve made and the ones that have lasted and the ones that have faded.
They were and are each a gift. Y’all have saved me so many times over, I can’t even tell you. #mentalhealth and #chronicpain are no joke, but having folks in your life who truly see you and can be with you and hold space in love, helps in more ways than I can enumerate.
So, check on your strong friends. The ones everyone else leans on. The one you want to call when you have something to celebrate or lament, and ask them what’s going on with them!
Give your bestie/s a shout out below or on your page and tag me so I can come give y’all some love! 💕
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One of the most commonly booked sessions that I offer is a ‘day in the Life’ session.
It’s also one of my favorites because I have time to capture the nuanced, ordinary moments in your beautiful life. I’m so grateful!
When did you last have a portrait taken?
#30daysofsc #2018ajira365 📷: @wildbirdmagik (thanks boo!)

‘Oh my god, I’m beautiful!’ She said. With great surprise and a little awe. ‘Yes!’ I said. ‘Yes, you are. Always.’ This moment let me know I was right where I was supposed to be. I was her mirror and she could finally see herself clearly. She was beautiful and always had been.
This client and I had spoken enough times before our shoot that we’d become firm friends. We’d gone through every detail and she’d told me how much this session meant to her.
She wanted her children to enjoy it, her partner to not hate it.. and then she paused, and apologetically said, ‘I’m not very photogenic.’ I waited a beat and then told her firmly that she just hadn’t been photographed by me yet. And she would see what I saw when I was done. I told her that I didn’t use any gimmicks, I would just wait for that moment when her authentic loving self shine through and then I’d take that picture.
You are beautiful. Always. Do you doubt it? Come stand in front of me and let me show you. I’ll be your mirror.

Hello gorgeous!! 👋🏾 I’ve been on Instagram for a while, but it’s time to make a friendly introduction because I want to know you better and give you a little insight into my work too!
Most people describe me as full of laughs, easy to relax with, fun and also super intense.. ahem, passionate! My friends would agree and add that I’m also a great listener and a tad obsessed with babies, pregnant people and ice cream. 😂

I’m passionate about photography, love and stories because it allows me to empower my clients to see the extraordinary beauty in ordinary moments! 🍃
Most weekends you’ll find me reading, doing something outside with family and friends and making art. On special days I might indulge in a lie in or a pedicure! Ha! 💅🏾 I look forward to getting to know you more, so leave a comment and introduce yourself or let me know how we know each other! Are we besties IRL already or about to be virtual ones?! It’d make my day! (And it would let me know you’re actually seeing this and I’m not just yelling into the void!) 🗣

#30daysofsc #2018ajira365

I needed a new notebook, because let’s be real, I always need a new notebook, and when I saw this cover, I knew it was for me.
Those words are reminders to treat myself better. To be kind to myself, to be brave when I’m confronting my pain and to remember that I am awesome. Even when I’m not.
What quote do you have on your mind right now? And why?
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What flavors remind you of home?
Fresh seafood and coconut straight out the shell take me all the way back home to Tanzania. 🇹🇿 When we took the kiddos there last year, I was most excited about eating all the foods with them that remind me of my grandmother and aunties. 🥘
Those flavors are like a tapestry of home and love and care. Whenever I long for home or loved ones who’ve passed, I reach for some food from home and find a little comfort in remembering the meals we’ve shared together.

Who inspires you to keep pushing forward? 🔥
On tired days or when the odds are stacked against me, I think of these two precious beings, my children, my babies, my sun and my moon and stars... 🌙
They inspire me to keep pushing forward because I’m doing what I love and there’s a piece of me that wants to show that their belief and faith in me to be the artist that I am, is well worth their time and support.
I am so lucky and so grateful to be their mama and get to witness their life unfolding. 🌸
#30daysofSC #hrgplusbebe

If I were to create a time capsule of my life and business today, I’d put my chucks, my camera, a kitenge and a journal.
The chucks are so very necessary, comfy and cute, plus they totally work whether I’m chasing my own toddlers or a client’s!
My camera (yeah, she’s one of a small collection) is a constant companion, when I’m not photographing you and yours, I’m photographing mine!

A kitenge because I may need a scarf or headwrap or skirt, or baby carrier... it’s the most versatile thing in my life. And it’s beautiful. And it reminds me of home.
A journal because I am never not writing. A list. Story ideas. Journaling. Processing. Always.
These are the things I use and love the most...but am I missing anything? Probably my phone! Ha! What would you add to it?

#30daysofsc #bts

Despite so much being up in the air and uncertain, I am excited about the possibilities in my future... daydreaming and planning, discerning what’s doable now from what’s best left in the someday list is exciting and inspiring and rejuvenating. 📆

And yes, I’m one of those dual people. I love digital AND there are some things I just need to scrawl down in a notebook with some pretty pens. There’s nothing like it! 💻
The biggest change for me, right now - giving myself some room to take care of myself. Revolutionary, huh?! And yet it is! 📓
Radical self-care is necessary if you want to create radical change sustainably. 🛀🏽 So tell me - what’s your favorite self-care? What do you do for yourself that makes you feel loved and pampered? 💃🏾 And what’s your favorite way to daydream? ⛅️ ☕️ ::: tell me everything!

Sweet little home on wheels. Free to wander whenever you please. Or park for a while when you find a good spot. Love that.
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