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Ajax AverWest  im ajax 🐾dis my life.

u know, peepul isn’t always as they appear. like summayou may think i look scary but im tryna put a end to stereotypes every ware 🐾

is it a bad sine if im face timing with a gurl and she didnt say much but is just playin wif her leesh? axin furr a frand 🐾

lyfe hack: if u want a new bed just eat ur old 1 🐾

oh and btw i no i hasnt posted much reesently but thats cuz i keep loosing my fone its so frustrating. any advices on manajing electronics is much appresheeated thx 🐾

mr pauL came 2 visit me it may look like hes tryna get away but lemme tell u i has this man rapped around my paw 🐾

sari i hasnt posted any fotos furr a while i seem to has misplaced my fone 🐾

dis me 🐾

happee valen times day i lub u all 🐾

dont leev miss yaeL i duzznt want u 2 go 2 see-attul🐾

yes i did took ur seat wutchu gonna do aboutit 🐾

keep ur frands close and ur ball closer 🐾

whats this super ball all about 🐾

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