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I prefer to sleep in for an extra 30 minutes than wash and style my hair. That's why I've mastered getting to 5 & 6 day hair. I just posted a video on it, but the key is to use products that enhance what you've already done. The @Oribe Mystifying Restyling Spray prolongs your hair by reactivating yesterday's products, while the Flash Form Finishing Spray creates a buildable texture.

Final thoughts on #VegWeek: going vegan is actually not that hard. I did have some terrible meals in restaurants so I would say that meal planning is super important. There are some great vegan food blogs out there that helped me for the week. However, finding delicious condiments (sour cream, cheese, etc) is pretty difficult and expensive. It has inspired a video series, but finding good tasting vegan condiments was pretty hard. Also, the bloat... the bloat was real. I do plan on keeping up with it for the next week to see if the bloating subsides (as many of you suggested it would) so we will see. I will have to say, I think it would be worth it for people to at least try it for a week. It was really eye opening🌱

Ready for #Beychella Week 2 🐝🍋 you think her not live streaming it is gonna stop me? Hellll naw! You can listen on @siriusxm Coachella Radio station. Not an #ad Just sharing the knowledge for my fellow Beyhivers.

Heads up. New video is up! All about how-to’s and tips and tricks about press on nails. Y’all know I ain’t Desi Perkins so I can stand long nails a couple days at a time, but watch the video for my secrets!

Sooo after not the best start to VegWeek🌱 I finally feel better enough to cook my own damn food. (I’ve never randomly had food poisoning, twice in one week. So bizarre 🤷🏻‍♀️) On the menu: stuffed zucchini, cauliflower chowder, vegan chirizo tacos (making that tonight) and coconut curry. Will keep you updated on how it goes. If you have any vegan recipes you like, lmk in the comments!

Just posted our Malibu Staycation on the Tube. This was our attempt at a family photo with a timer and two dogs. If you swipe left, you can see the progression of Luke’s impatience ...

Mommy duties (look at that 🐾 on my thigh 😂)

Just posing in front of Cacti 🌵

Posted a new video on YouTube! It’s all about how to stay both physically and *mentally* Healthy while traveling. Definitely a must-see.

Did you know that 42% of the time, women pay extra for everyday products? On average that means an extra $1,351 every year, just for being a woman (for me that means $41,881 btw) - this is known as "The Pink Tax" #ad. Even pink toys cost more 55% of the time! This is on top of being paid less! Outraged yet? This month, myself and @EuropeanWax are taking a stand to #AxThePinkTax by raising awareness. Help us to raise a *pink* brow against The Pink Tax by using any makeup product you have, using EWC's Snapchat lens or by going into your local EWC and getting pink brows (on them!). Share your selfie, share your story and share awareness.

Well look at the time, it's finally spring! Been staying fashionably late (let's be honest) with my @ArmaniExchange watch in rose gold. Stands out amongst all my denim staples doesn't it? #AXchange #AXtime #AXss18 #AX5550 #⌚#ad

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