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Got some film developed today.. I think it was in the camera a couple years 😳 #sanfrancisco #film

sunshine and food trucks with my πŸ’™πŸ˜Ž. Split a Lobster Roll and some "dirty balls." I made @catperez order the balls... she wasn't excited about it. #gathernights

Cosmo's first time at a bar and he ate up all the attention. Lola loves the attention too, and tried to eat a napkin that had some food particles on it because she's insane. Also- SF we are missing you hard today πŸ˜”and having so much nostalgia

We are in SF so often we might as well move here (again) 😘

For me, the problem was not a measurement of how much alcohol I could consume. It was also about the things that consumed me in the moments when I was not drinking. Today I have 6 years of fucking sobriety! Thank you to my dear friends who always were there in times when I was not certain I could do this. Especially in the beginning. And my beautiful wife who is my rock. I love you so much. Im going to tag because I couldn't have done this without you guys. I am so grateful for my life today. Even the shitty parts when I'm lost in my self doubt and fear. Today I know I can pull myself up and out and get back to it without downing a bottle of wine and numbing myself. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed to change your life. There's nothing wrong with admitting and realizing that we are not in control . πŸ’™

Went to make the bed and had this cute face staring at me. He has turned into the most loving cuddling little pup. Also, spoiled. We love him so much! 😍

I had the best day with this one 😘 thank you for always making my birthday special, for always being so sweet and good. Thank you for not getting mad when I say you drive like The Fast and Furious. πŸŽπŸ’¨for laughing in traffic jams with me. For constantly encouraging me to follow my dreams. I could go on, but let me end this by saying thank you for spoon feeding me Panna cotta tonight while I sat in a hot tub. I mean.... this has been the best day. I love you @catperez .

@catperez really wants it to be swimming weather. It's 75 outside, but the pool is like yuba river cold. #notsummeryet #icecoldpool

Puppy energy vs @catperez #yorkiepoo

I went from making a DIY sound booth out of blankets, to padding out a little section of a closet (not shown,but it's working great!) and now adding this preamp to my mix. You can't even tell there are dogs in this room when I'm recording voice work. Thanks @jenblack80 my gear guru and of course my wife @catperez for allowing me to turn our guest room into my studio. Yay!

These two Pygmy date palms were delivered to us on the back of a gigantic semi and then loaded into our garage with a forklift. Feels a tad dramatic, but excited to have trees to plant!

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