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This city seems still mourning from the tragic earthquake but still preserving its beauty indeed. This was just before heading to North Island. Last stroll #newzealand #throwback

Our first stop in South Island #LakeTekapo
Hardly get a good timing to take pictures since ramai sgt org here but still this will do.

#traveller 🕵️

One of the most interesting attraction here in NZ. Bras from around the world to show some support for this awareness. They really do stop by just to contribute a pair of theirs 😀
The fences are specially made for this. So u can see different color/cups/patterns along the way ! Unfortunately i dont have any extra to hang there 😂 Do stop by if u so happen coming from Wanaka or Queenstown #bradrona

Delight in the Sky #newzealand

" Butterflies he often give me turn into a little feet " #khlo #recite

Not the usual weekends #playinglocals

Sunny yet freezing 😨
this is only at the side of road. Terpaksa berhenti sebab cantik sgt.The snow cap mountains just like a painting. Rarely ada kereta lalu here. So boleh baring-baring atas jalan 😬

One of my favourite moments 😍
Rezeki bump into #alpaca at Te Anau

At one of the coldest country but surrounded by the warmest people ❤️ Do stop by at this oldy if you ever pass by. Worth it #Niagarafalls

Try to reach the sky
Still keeping feet on the ground #whatpapasaid

and this time not only the two of us #lastholidayfortwo #doublehappiness

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