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Turn 3 ! Alhamdulliah on a good day good month #syaaban

Happy #birthday #자기야 ❤️

#photoshoot for @telekung.nurulizzati 🧕🏻
Boleh dapatkan di official site Telekung Nurul Izzati
Instagram : @telekung.nurulizzati
Facebook : Telekung Nurul Izzati
#telekung #telekungmurah #igreview #sharing #telekunghaji #telekunglace #telekungsolat #telekungumrah

#choryat 🎊🐶

#kekbatik open for order 😆
This is actually my sis’s mum in law recipe ! One of best i tasted so far 👍🏻😍 my husband loves it so much that I learned from sissy to master this. Tonight doing this for my inlaws for the dinner n the fambam ! Tiap2 tahun azam nak bake more but ade je aral. No more procrastinating for #2018 !

3IN1 Lip Tin from @hudabeauty
I do make up occasionally but not really into it. I’ve been using d same make up for years and only get a new one when its out. Brand pun campur2 nothing in particular and i rarely put on my gloss since i have a habit licking my lips every minute 🤭 But coz my business requires me to meet so many people i try to put it on just to look more presentable 😂 Kakak aku bising that i can just walk out with my flipflop to meet clients ! So she got me this 💝 Tq 😘Seriously super smooth and long lasting. Those yang nak try boleh order with this trusted personal shopper @getthebaguwant 👍🏻👍🏻 Not sure if in Malaysia ade this brand but as i know its not selling locally 😂 #beautysharing #beautytips #hudabeautyliptin #hudabeauty

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall #newchapter #newleaf #nevertoolate #getbackup
#autumn 🍁🍁

Sepetnyeeee 😑
Ademame, balik cepat ! @arifhanafiah
Came back Malaysia then outstation again 🤮
#favoritevideo #dunowhy #rinduhusband #imnotgoodwithLDR

#NamiIsland 🍂
The hub spend alot of time to get a nice shots here for me since his wife sgt “ketinggalan” in a lot of things 🤭 i have no idea why this place so famous and not once google to know why too. I saw a good fren of mine @qidahuda went this place for her honeymoon and she said it was magical. Indeed It is a beautiful place 😍 second best after #Jirisan but. Alhamdulliah sampai jugak heza, @qidahuda !!! Anyonggggg hahahaha #aripehaejatakeskorea
Note : Complete with #surau here. We have no worries to perform our solat. Spend whole day here pun bole.

#goodmorning 🌦
How cute is this bus stop? 🚌
That morning, we have no idea where to go so hubs decided to bring me to #NamsanTower to lock his love for me 😂😂 so, kena naik bus to go up !


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