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Acupuncture is weird you'll be like "so I have a tear in my meniscus and my neck hurts" and they're like "ok 1 needle in the butthole and 1 in your inner ear". Also you guys let me know when you're done with the Jamaica pictures because I can just keep going 💫

There is nothing more, there is nothing less, when you're holding on and you're letting go. Green screen room view but not really @azulbeachresorts

“I am in the sky saying birds
when I mean the thing that birds do
to make the sky more different.
I am that—
not the sight or the sound or the feeling
but the absence
of what was there before.”

Well we can add this to the list of 'where the f did that bruise come from?' Hoping that by the end of this trip I'm as dark as my little bungalow's stairs


God bless

Dipped in a fountain.
Mineral Spring Waterfalls, Jamaica 💎

“Island fever,” the feeling of being stuck somewhere without an ability to escape, is something you’ve probably experienced if you’ve spent any time on an island. Whether Balinese, Jamaican, or Hawaiian, islands can bring forth magnified emotions and increased volatility alongside (sometimes) unpredictable volcanoes or unexpected rainfalls tracks.

Post 40ft cliff jumping, trying to back flip and landing in my back.. all there is to do is rest #healmesaltwaterhoe 🇯🇲 Wearing @capittana

Every day is different and exciting with you.. thank you for forcing me to think outside the box, move to unfamiliar places, counterbalance and centre in subtle yet extreme ways. #challengethemind

A postcard for you from Seven Mile and my tan 🇯🇲 This will prob get no likes because... butt pictures #momoneymoproblems

It's an island ting a ling ding. #disconecttoconect #jamaica

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