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Aischa  You can say anything you wanna say, hate me but I’m gonna love you anyway🖤 • Taken by the best man alive 🔐❤️ • Snap: Bluelight2001

Diamond 💎✨

Time Is Time (in progress) ~ by me

Let’s be happy forever❤️

You’re the only one I love, the only one I‘ll always and forever love✨My angel, my heart, my world🌎 There’s no place that feels more like home than when I’m in your arms💍 Everyday I know I’ve got you in my life you make me realize what it’s all about, love I mean: the sparkle you feel when you meet that one person and that one moment when you realize that that’s the person you wanna grow old with, that that’s your future🌇
I love you❤️

actions over words🖤

Bury me alive - Kelvyn Colt

tired of turning 🕊🖤

Even if I will be icecold oneday you‘ll always make my heart warmer than the sun🕊💍 @mr.neuf_trois


time flies🕊

Waiting for you 💍🖤

Mirror Mirror...🖤

Caught In Space💍🖤

There’s one woman that once said a sentence which really touched me: „I don’t really care about the size of my thighs, I don’t really care about the size of my arms just society does and I’m tired of caring and I‘m tired of hating myself“ I can relate to that so well, I no I’m not overweight or something but still, society shows us these skinny girls, every second girl on my instagram news is one of those, it’s hard if you’re a little curvy or just self conscious in your body, you always try to tell yourself „one day I can accept myself for who I am and how I look like“ but please tell me, when does this day come? I would love to be more body confident and there are a lot of days I feel good in my body but the other ones are the worst, there were days I couldn’t even look in the mirror without starting to cry. Is it that what it’s all about? Is it that what we should teach each other? Maybe someday we can all accept ourselves fully, maybe someday it will be easier. I‘m gonna fight for that someday and I hope you will too🌎
#loveyourself #loveyourbody

delicious 😝🖤

Paris la ville d’amour🖤

The End Is A New Beginning 🖤✨

food food food😝😝

I want it all ❤️🕊#missyou

I can only take you in small doses 🖤

time flies...

pure but full of evil🖤

Me after going out to party😂💁🏽 #foodlover

You’re my living dream💍✨

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