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I love this loft so much! I’m sad we are coming to the end of our time here. It’s been a beautiful playground for the last year and the memories @sea_jay_berg and all our friends have made here will always be held in my heart! 💕 p.s yesterday Justin and I fell asleep at 2 pm and didn’t wake up til 10 pm 😆 #bigloftlittlegirl thanks @nancy_ochoa for editing my picy 😘

*through two doors at once* Initially I went to the bookstore to purchase Robert Greene’s “48 laws of power”, but when I had it in my hands it didn’t feel right. I skimmed through it but I wasn’t being called to it at all. I would eventually like to read it, as Im sure it’s an incredible book. But I sat it down on the shelf and looked up to read the title “Through Two Doors At Once” and something in me said YES this is what I need to read, and my intuition was right (per usual)! 😻 #quantumphysics

there is SO much to smile about in this life! Plus there is always lilies 🌸🌸

Nashville- you’re SO wonderful. This trip was so short but I’m so happy we were able to make this journey. I’m so proud of myself for not getting overwhelmed once. The younger Aislinn would get upset over lack of sleep and proper nutrition but I remained grounded the whole time. I missed a few meditations but I didn’t let that upset me. It’s important to me to go with the flow and be flexible! Thank you broadway for the incredible music and drinks! And thank you @theusarmy for our accommodations 🙏🏼💕
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“Justin change your face”
@cali_kid56 📸

Who we surround ourselves with are who we become. So if you want to become more inspired, more free, more loving, surround yourself with those whom are inspiring, free, and loving. This world can be so cold but with the right people by your side, it feels sooo warm. We need people who love and see us for exactly who we are in this crazy life! I feel so fortunate to have these two + @ray.kallmeyer to journey with! And the many other beautiful people in my life ✨💕 thank you thank you thank you! 🙏🏼

Might be attending my own funeral tonight ☠️

Sometimes “love” really sucks. I think to myself ‘wow this is really hard.. I can’t believe how angry I am right now.’ I’m constantly being faced with challenges with Justin because he’s like my mirror. He shows me the stuff that I don’t want to see. He makes me look at my behaviors (which can be quite selfish sometimes), and he always holds me accountable for them (vise versa). I learn so much about myself because of our relationship; and I’m so grateful for that. I use to only think of myself in romantic relationships and only do what I want to do. But I’m slowly learning if we want to be great together, I have to be great on my own. It’s not always beautiful everyday, but it’s always worth it. ☀️🌻🌿💕 love ya monkey

Thank you @ray.kallmeyer for the most magical night ever! Such a blessing to see #theunrealgarden 😻 not to mention Justin and I had a tarot card reading done which was so incredible. He went first and the lady told him to ask a very specific question and then when it was my turn, she had me ask a very specific question.. I had a hard time coming up with one and ended up coming up with two, the exact same two Justin had asked (we had no idea what the others questions were)! ✨ I love these monkeys so much. Thank you for sharing the night with me and learning and growing together 🐒🌿🌸

Bought beer from a guy with a sign on his chair that said “beer 4 sale” almost died from heat stroke, and then ended up in a down jacket 3 hours later. Classic San Francisco day. Also, having this babe by my side everyday is such a gift. Love ya cutie #hardlystrictlybluegrass #strictlybeer

The past few weeks have been kind of hard. I was in a state of bliss for about a month, but as it happens, the bliss started to fade and anxiety slowly crept back in. When I get anxious or feel like the whole world is sitting on my chest, it’s just a reminder to fall back into the present. I realized recently a large source of my anxiousness is coming from the fact that Justin and I are moving our entire lives to Texas in a few short months.. I’m so excited for this new journey but I’m also sad. Sad I won’t have my dad 10 mins away from me, and that I won’t be 2 hours from the rest of my family. And all the wonderful friends I’ve made here will be, well here. But we have to move into the unknown if we want to go beautiful places, and I keep telling myself that. I know Texas will teach me sooo much about myself, Justin, and the world. I am grateful ✨🌿🌞

Wasssss up Folsom

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